Internet-Wide Scan Data – Port Coverage

May 12, 2020

This is an actively updated (last updated 05/14/2020) list of the organizations that offer Internet scanning data for sale, or in some cases, for free. If you have additional information that would be helpful in determining coverage, please contact us via [email protected]!

Below, find a list in alphabetical order, with the public coverage metrics they publish.

BinaryEdge – Currently 240 ports. They also offer on-demand scanning.

Censys – Currently 2000+ Ports, refreshed weekly. They also offer on-demand scanning.

Onyphye – Currently 100 ports.

Rapid7 (Project Sonar) – Rapid7’s data is open, and while they don’t advertise the number, it’s pretty simple to grep out the per-port coverage. Currently they cover 21 UDP and 133 TCP ports on a monthly basis.

SecurityTrails – Advertises 50+ of the most important ports scanned weekly.

Shodan – The grandaddy of Internet scanning, Shodan does not publish coverage numbers. They also offer on-demand scanning.

Spyse – Relative newcomer to the scene, they advertise coverage of 55 ports and growing.

ZoomEye – Also a relative newcomer, their coverage is currently unknown.

There are other folks that perform Internet scanning as part of their core offering, but don’t sell the data standalone, and for that reason, we’ve not included them in this list.

The takeaway? No single organization offers exactly the same data, and in order to get the most complete coverage of what’s happening on the internet, you might need to combine multiple to get to the the level of visibility needed.