The Intrigue Product

An Open Platform For Comprehensive Asset Discovery and Risk-based Vulnerability Assessment

The Workflow

How It Works

Asset Discovery

Nonlinear Search

Begin with known entities, or seeds, to find additional assets and map relationships. Optimize discovery across multiple, variable parameters.

Heuristic-based Scoping

Automatically determine if found assets are relevant for defined search parameters. Improve results through rules-based, learning algorithms.

Pivoting and Enrichment

Utilize learned relationships among available data to find and analyze additional assets. Create a graph representation of the attack surface.

Technology Ecosystem Governance

Vulnerability Scans

Continually monitor for exposure and attacks. Assess risk across applications, network services and javascript components.

Asset Fingerprinting

Leverage deep understanding of both assets and configurations to precisely match known threats and exposures to the affected assets and apply fixes.

Change Detection

Identify all changes to the attack surface, including new, retired, and modified assets. Evaluate all changes for potential exposure.

Service Management Integration

Information Routing

Tag and route all detail on any exposure, along with asset information to the asset owner for issue tracking. Ensure immediate visibility and awareness.

Incident Management

Integrate with your existing service management solution for rapid resolution. Validate that all fixes have been implemented and vulnerability eliminated.

Automated Workflows

Define and schedule entity and threat specific tasks to automate attack surface management across the environment.

The Architecture

Proven in the Enterprise, Powered by Open Source

Intrigue Enterprise

Integrated platform for attack surface management.

Global Mapping Intelligence

Source Credential Management

Ticketing and Enterprise Integrations

Enhanced Asset and Vulnerability Discovery

Engine Orchestration & Monitoring

Intrigue Core

Open Source discovery engine for asset mapping, vulnerability identification, and misconfiguration detection

Intrigue Core

Intrigue Core

Intrigue Core

Technology Identification (Ident)





The Integrations

Intrigue Leverages over 250 Data Sources and Security Tools

Utilize the combined strength for optimal asset visibility, risk analysis, and
threat resolution.