Total Asset Visibility

Modern organizations are more distributed and complex than ever before. Security practitioners need tooling that can navigate this maze of technology and services, giving them an always on, always updated inventory of their assets.

The Intrigue platform collects and organizes this information, allowing you to get ahead. Given only a domain or network range, the power of the open source engine is put into motion, discovering a myriad of different asset classes - including hosts, applications, software, and third party services.

Deep Security Visibility is not only an asset discovery product. Using information obtained during the asset discovery process, it identifies known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and even external threats. This information is rated by severity and made easily accessible through a library of security issues.

Simplified Monitoring

More than just a tool that needs to be configured and run manually, the platform continuously discovers new assets and their exposures, allowing you to know when new systems, applications, and services have been provisioned for your organization. Configure notifications for email or slack slack (or any system, using our open API) and you're now the master of monitoring! 

Unparallelled Insight Into Your Attack Surface

Using a multitude of asset, configuration and vulnerability discovery techniques, tricks, and research-driven data collection, the platform drives insight into dashboard views and reporting features. Now you can know when software and services expose your organization and stay ahead of the threat.

Monitor and Defend Your Digital Frontier
Simply create an account to obtain intelligence pre-aggregated and specific to your organization. Gain unparalleled visibility now, and stay ahead of the threat.
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