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lighthouse_communications internet, services, wireless 2018-09-15
blackberry technology, mobile, hardware + software, wireless, rim 2018-09-22
4home software, internet, cloud computing, automotive, wireless, clean energy 2018-07-01
5barz_international technology, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
a-max_technology technology, audio, wireless 2018-10-08
a_smarter_city software, networking, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
abloomy mobile, cloud computing, big data, infrastructure, wireless 2018-07-01
accelera technology, mobile, wireless 2018-10-12
accent_optical_technologies technology, semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
zentri security, software, internet of things, wireless 2018-10-07
ads-fi brand marketing, wireless 2018-09-27
advantage_networks digital media, monetization, wireless 2018-09-28
aeroscout mobile, wireless, rfid 2018-07-01
affinegy software, networking, internet, wireless 2018-10-12
agile_networks wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-12
aginova ipad, hardware + software, iphone, wireless, ipod touch 2018-10-12
airbiquity software, automotive, wireless 2018-10-12
airmagnet software, health diagnostics, wireless 2018-07-01
airpatrol_corporation mobile, mobility, mobile security, location based services, wireless 2018-07-01
airsense_wireless mobile, wireless 2018-10-12
airtight_networks security, wireless 2018-10-12
airpowered internet, wireless, broadcasting 2018-10-12
airtame hardware + software, wireless, hardware 2018-10-12
alise_devices entertainment, wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-12
allunite internet, wireless 2018-10-12
altergeo technology, social network media, apps, mobile, advertising, social media, personalization, local search, services, android, iphone, mobile advertising, discounts, navigation, information technology, location based services, wireless, reviews and recommendations, private social networking, local advertising, windows phone 7, gps, indoor positioning 2018-10-12
altierre education, mobile, wireless 2018-12-02
anchorfree security, mobile security, wireless, privacy 2018-10-13
ant_farm networking, web hosting, wireless 2018-10-13
antengo real time, mobile, marketplaces, databases, location based services, wireless, classifieds, twitter applications, local based services 2018-10-13
anyfi_networks mobile, wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-13
anywhereyougocom wireless 2018-10-13
apacheta_corporation software, mobile, wireless 2018-10-13
aperto_networks mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
apriva security, mobile, mobility, payments, developer apis, wireless, mobile payments, developer tools, transaction processing 2018-07-01
aquto digital media, mobile advertising, wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-13
aricent consulting, wireless 2018-10-13
movvo_sa software, retail, real time, mobile, analytics, wireless, mobile software tools 2018-10-13
aruba_networks enterprise software, mobility, communications hardware, wireless, computers 2018-07-01
astro mobile, consumer electronics, wireless, home automation 2018-10-14
avaya software, wireless, unifed communications 2018-10-14
avieon security, mobile, video, television, semiconductors, wireless, video conferencing 2019-03-29
avnera audio, messaging, creative, semiconductors, wireless 2018-10-14
avvasi_inc mobile, video, infrastructure, wireless 2018-10-14
awaaz_de mobile, internet, services, wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-14
axis_network_technology software, mobile, music, wireless 2018-07-01
azea_networks technology, wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-14
azingo mobile, internet, wireless 2018-07-01
basecamp_networks mobile, retail technology, wireless, agriculture, google apps, google glass 2018-10-14
beam_networks wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-15
beep_networks mobile, consumer electronics, sensors, wireless 2018-10-15
belair_networks mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
benetel design, wireless, telecommunications 2018-10-15
benu_networks mobile, wireless, telecommunications, internet infrastructure, mobile infrastructure 2018-07-01
bezalel_inc mobile, wearables, consumer electronics, wireless 2018-10-16
biggifi mobile commerce, television, wireless 2018-07-01
bitwave mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
blismedia apps, mobile, advertising, tablets, location based services, app marketing, wireless, auctions, nfc 2018-07-01
bluwan mobile, web hosting, internet, wireless 2018-07-01
4_cast_broadcasting_corporation mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
bridgewave_communications mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
brightstar mobile, distribution, mobility, insurance, supply chain management, wireless 2018-07-01
broadcastr mobile, social media, audio, content, maps, parenting, android, iphone, consumer electronics, video streaming, location based services, wireless, reviews and recommendations, gps, journalism 2018-07-01
buzzcity technology, mobile, advertising, wireless 2018-07-01
canvas mobile, mobility, audio, video, android, iphone, point of sale, automotive, location based services, wireless, green, surveys 2018-07-01
carecord wireless 2018-07-01
carlson_wireless_technologies internet, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
carrier_iq mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
cassia_networks service providers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
cell_again retail, technology, clean technology, retail technology, wireless, recycling 2018-07-01
cell_gate_usa mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
cenoplex mobile, wireless, crm 2018-07-01
ceragon_networks web hosting, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
cerevo mobile, hardware + software, wireless, photo sharing 2018-07-01
chalk software, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
chargifi wireless, energy management, mobile infrastructure 2018-07-01
clearline_mobile mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
clearview_tower_company technology, information technology, wireless 2018-07-01
climateminder mobile, wireless, agriculture 2018-07-01
cohere_technologies startups, wireless, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
commontime software, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
conectric enterprise software, internet of things, wireless 2018-07-01
connectify security, software, collaboration, wireless, trusted networks 2019-03-29
coolest_cooler electronics, consumer goods, storage, wireless 2018-07-01
crowdpc software, networking, business services, cloud computing, web development, databases, wireless, computers, lighting, linux 2018-07-01
crowdzone social network media, apps, mobile, sports, consumer goods, iphone, wireless, online reservations 2018-07-01
csr hardware + software, consumer electronics, semiconductors, wireless, all markets 2018-07-01
cubic_telecom mobile, web development, wireless 2018-07-01
data_sciences_international software, electronics, manufacturing, wireless 2018-07-01
ddx_media mobile, location based services, wireless, humanitarian 2018-07-01
defixo mobile, marketplaces, design, tablets, hardware + software, wireless 2018-07-01
delta_systems electronics, manufacturing, wireless 2018-07-01
devicescape software, mobile, android, iphone, location based services, wireless, home & garden, mac, linux 2018-07-01
digifit apps, mobile, health and wellness, ipad, fitness, iphone, wireless, ipod touch 2018-07-01
digital_caddies mobile, advertising, music, video, wireless, gps 2018-07-01
dotgt mobile, electronics, hardware + software, wireless 2018-07-01
e-band_communications manufacturing, wireless 2018-07-01
econais_inc software, internet of things, m2m, wireless 2018-07-01
edrover mobile, location based services, wireless, humanitarian 2018-07-01
eero internet, internet of things, consumer electronics, wireless 2018-07-01
eleven_wireless hospitality, public relations, internet, cloud computing, wireless, hotels 2018-07-01
enforta mobile, internet, service providers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
enocean mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
enuvis services, infrastructure, wireless 2018-07-01
escort communications hardware, wireless, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
estimote_inc retail, mobile, analytics, big data, m2m, navigation, sensors, location based services, wireless, mobile software tools, indoor positioning, proximity internet 2018-07-01
etherstack manufacturing, wireless, defense, utilities 2018-07-01
ewireless internet, wireless 2018-07-01
extend_america services, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
extenet_systems web hosting, wireless 2018-07-01
eye-fi cloud computing, digital media, hardware + software, wireless 2018-07-01
fhp_wireless technology, wireless 2018-07-01
fiberlight internet, service providers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
fibertower wireless, telecommunications, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
fixmo_carrier_services saas, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
flex security, wireless, telecommunications, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
flexion apps, games, mobile, content, wireless, digital rights management, billing 2018-07-01
focalcast apps, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
fon mobile, file sharing, wireless 2018-07-01
footmarks retail, mobile, analytics, sales and marketing, big data, m2m, navigation, sensors, location based services, wireless, mobile software tools, proximity internet 2018-07-01
fortinet mobile security, communications hardware, wireless, network security, computers, information security, data security, enterprise security 2018-07-01
fosbury mobile, ios, finance, consumer electronics, wireless, mobile coupons 2018-07-01
fring_ltd mobile, search, messaging, voip, developer apis, wireless, email, facebook applications, twitter applications 2018-07-01
fruct wireless, telecommunications, computers 2018-07-01
funambol mobile, cloud data services, wireless, synchronization 2018-07-01
futuredial software, mobile commerce, wireless 2018-07-01
gauss_surgical mobile, biotechnology, computer vision, medical, wireless 2018-07-01
gauzz wireless, consumer behavior, offline businesses 2018-07-01
gearworks saas, mobile, location based services, wireless, gps 2018-07-01
general_atomics systems, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
getjar_inc mobile, android, wireless, app stores 2018-07-01
getococom mobile, hardware + software, internet of things, consumer electronics, video streaming, wireless, hardware, home automation 2018-07-01
gigle_networks networking, semiconductors, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
gigsky mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
glentel services, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
globechat education, entertainment, technology, apps, mobile, networking, social media, ios, social travel, internet, video, travel, language learning, startups, chat, tablets, android, iphone, location based services, wireless, telecommunications, travel & tourism, translation, windows phone 7, general public worldwide 2018-07-01
gogo mobile, wireless, telecommunications 2018-12-17
gototags software, apps, advertising, big data analytics, android, internet of things, consumer electronics, wireless, nfc 2018-07-01
gowex enterprise software, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
greentraponline security, electronics, wireless 2018-07-01
mast_mobile saas, software, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
ground_floor_communications apps, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
guerrilla_rf mobile, networking, semiconductors, infrastructure, wireless 2018-07-01
handmark mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
handsignal service providers, enterprises, wireless 2018-07-01
helium curated web, publishing, hardware + software, internet of things, wireless, journalism 2018-07-01
hone_and_strop mobile, social media, fashion, wireless, mens specific 2018-07-01
ice_mobility distribution, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
identec_solutions software, tracking, wireless, rfid 2018-07-01
idiro social network media, mobile, analytics, social media advertising, direct marketing, wireless 2018-07-01
ifinity mobile, analytics, sales and marketing, big data analytics, hardware + software, m2m, navigation, sensors, location based services, retail technology, wireless, public transportation, indoor positioning, proximity internet 2018-07-01
innopath_software mobile, mobile devices, mobile security, iphone, wireless 2018-07-01
inphonic internet, wireless 2018-07-01
instabridge mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
intelligent_wireless_networks_inc networking, databases, wireless 2018-07-01
intercasting social network media, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
iotera tracking, hardware + software, internet of things, wireless 2018-07-01
ipowerup mobile, batteries, wireless 2018-07-01
iqtaxi_inc software, services, wireless, taxis 2018-07-01
isc8 security, software, wireless 2018-10-25
ivycorp apps, mobile, sales and marketing, sms, android, iphone, messaging, information technology, wireless, email 2018-07-01
kayse_wireless mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
keen_home hardware + software, internet of things, energy efficiency, wireless, hardware, home automation, embedded hardware and software, smart building 2018-07-01
kiio health and wellness, fitness, wireless 2018-07-01
kineto_wireless mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
kyynel wireless, communications infrastructure, internet radio market 2018-07-01
l4_digital_formerly_l4_mobile media, apps, mobile, digital media, iphone, consulting, developer apis, retail technology, wireless, digital entertainment, internet tv 2018-07-01
lassy_project apps, wireless, crowdsourcing, gps 2018-07-01
leantegra entertainment, e-commerce, hardware + software, internet of things, transportation, retail technology, wireless, business intelligence, product development services, proximity internet 2018-07-01
leapit software, mobile, search, wireless, browser extensions 2018-07-01
leapin_digital_keys security, apps, mobile, wireless 2018-10-25
legra_systems wireless 2018-07-01
litepoint consumer electronics, wireless, testing 2018-07-01
locaid mobile, enterprise software, location based services, wireless 2018-07-01
locatrix_communications apps, mobile, android, iphone, location based services, wireless 2018-07-01
long_tail mobile, sms, messaging, wireless 2018-07-01
loosehead_software social network media, mobile, social media, wireless 2018-07-01
lumos_networks_corporation wireless 2018-07-01
mblox mobile, sms, wireless 2018-07-01
media_li²ght_entertainment real estate, internet of things, wireless 2018-07-01
mediaqinc mobile, semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
mesh_systems software, internet of things, m2m, wireless 2018-07-01
millennial_net networking, energy efficiency, wireless 2018-07-01
miselu_inc ios, music, ipad, android, wireless 2018-07-01
mobile_pulse mobile, mobility, internet, enterprises, wireless 2018-07-01
mobile_theory apps, mobile, advertising, sales and marketing, publishing, services, ad targeting, brand marketing, wireless 2018-07-01
mobilicom mobile commerce, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
moblico wireless 2018-07-01
modu mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
mogreet mobile, advertising, sales and marketing, sms, messaging, app marketing, wireless 2018-07-01
mojio application platforms, apps, mobile, ios, internet, development platforms, hardware + software, android, developer apis, wireless, gps, app stores 2018-07-01
mojiva mobile, advertising, music, app marketing, wireless 2018-07-01
mojix technology, supply chain management, wireless 2018-07-01
motally mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
movirtu software, technology, mobile, networking, social media, audio, sms, messaging, information technology, telephony, infrastructure, wireless, telecommunications, social entrepreneurship, emerging markets 2018-07-01
mozes mobile, music, audio, sms, brand marketing, app marketing, wireless 2018-07-01
mtx_connect mobile, internet of things, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
multivoice communications hardware, wireless 2018-07-01
musaic music, audio, hardware + software, video streaming, wireless, internet radio market 2018-07-01
nadamobile technology, services, wireless 2018-07-01
nearway saas, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
neonova_network_services web hosting, cable, internet, customer service, wireless, telecommunications, crm, internet service providers 2018-07-01
netblazr internet, wireless, internet service providers 2018-07-01
netia_sa mobile, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
netmotion_wireless mobile, wireless, trusted networks 2018-07-01
netsize mobile, sms, messaging, app marketing, wireless, mobile payments 2018-07-01
networks_in_motion mobile, maps, navigation, wireless, seo 2018-07-01
neul internet of things, wireless 2018-07-01
neura curated web, internet of things, m2m, wireless 2018-07-01
nextg_networks mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
cel-fi_by_nextivity mobile, networking, hardware + software, wireless, network security 2018-07-01
nimble_wireless wireless 2018-07-01
niragongo software, technology, internet, wireless 2018-07-01
nitero semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
nivaata_systems_pvt_ltd transportation, location based services, wireless, logistics 2018-07-01
noitavonne mobile, manufacturing, startups, tablets, hardware + software, wireless 2018-11-29
norwood_systems saas, mobile, enterprise software, services, enterprises, wireless 2018-07-01
nucurrent mobile, semiconductors, wireless, hardware 2018-07-01
nulato wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
omnitrail_technologies location based services, wireless, telecommunications, indoor positioning 2018-07-01
ingenu mobile, internet of things, wireless, communications infrastructure, smart grid 2018-07-01
one2many wireless 2018-07-01
open_garden mobile, peer-to-peer, wireless 2018-07-01
open_telematic_platform cars, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
opensignal mobile, maps, wireless 2018-07-01
optiwi-fi software, networking, wireless 2018-07-01
orbit_media software, social network media, mobile, audio, sms, iphone, databases, wireless, email, facebook applications, twitter applications 2018-07-01
pdvwireless wireless 2018-07-01
pannaway_technologies internet, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
parrot games, mobile, manufacturing, cars, consumer electronics, wireless, product design 2018-07-01
particle_computer_gmbh software, wireless, computers 2018-07-01
peerbridge_health health care, medical, wireless 2018-07-01
perpetuum wireless 2018-07-01
perseus financial services, cloud data services, wireless, telecommunications, content delivery, it management 2018-07-01
petasense wireless 2018-07-01
phazon music, sports, consumer goods, wireless, sporting goods 2018-07-01
phonejoy_solutions games, mobile, e-commerce, ios, fashion, tablets, hardware + software, android, wireless, telecommunications, home & garden, mobile software tools 2018-07-01
photobucket software, mobile, curated web, image recognition, photography, wireless 2018-07-01
plasmatech design, databases, wireless 2018-07-01
plusblue_solutions wireless 2018-07-01
plux software, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
pocketlab real time, electronics, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
podo_labs photography, hardware + software, wireless, hardware 2018-07-01
powercloud_systems software, networking, cloud computing, wireless, cloud management 2018-07-01
powermat_technologies mobile, wireless, licensing 2018-07-01
pq_solutions wireless, banking, cyber security 2019-04-11
prova_systems software, automotive, wireless, diagnostics, gps, fleet management 2018-07-01
psikick internet of things, semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
purelifi internet of things, location based services, wireless, telecommunications, lighting, it and cybersecurity 2018-07-01
purple_wifi mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
qonceptual mobile, enterprise software, wearables, hardware + software, wireless 2018-07-01
quantenna_communications semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
radioframe mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
radisys hardware + software, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
radwin mobile, communications hardware, wireless, telecommunications, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
ramprate_sourcing_advisors games, services, data centers, consulting, wireless, telecommunications, content delivery, outsourcing 2018-07-01
ranberry technology, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
rapp_it_up security, mobile, wireless 2018-10-25
ravemobilesafetycom saas, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
redline_communications wireless, telecommunications, oil & gas, public safety, utilities 2018-07-01
redtree_robotics apps, mobile, enterprise software, mobility, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, robotics, wireless, developer tools, defense 2018-07-01
repeatit wireless 2018-07-01
resonext_communications semiconductors, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
rewardloop mobile, wireless, loyalty programs, incentives 2018-07-01
riglobe_revolution_wireless_global internet, services, wireless 2018-07-01
rmi_corporation semiconductors, infrastructure, wireless 2018-07-01
rocket_network music, internet, wireless 2018-07-01
rococo_software software, wireless 2018-07-01
root_metrics mobile, wireless, crowdsourcing 2018-07-01
routershare mobile, networking, internet, file sharing, wireless 2018-07-01
rsi_video_technologies security, video, wireless 2018-07-01
ruckus_wireless mobile, communications hardware, wireless 2018-07-01
runcom mobile, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
sage_wireless_group mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
sales_force_europe saas, security, technology, mobile, sales and marketing, mobility, cloud computing, consulting, wireless, business development 2018-07-01
sand_9 mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
sandvine mobile, public relations, cable, service providers, wireless 2018-07-01
sarantel wireless 2018-07-01
senseware internet of things, sensors, wireless, embedded hardware and software 2018-07-01
sensorly mobile, web hosting, maps, android, wireless 2018-07-01
sentry_wireless mobile, mobile security, web development, wireless 2018-07-01
sepsensor restaurants, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
seven_networks software, wireless, mobile infrastructure 2018-07-01
shoutr apps, mobile, file sharing, android, wireless, ict 2018-07-01
sidustar_international_inc software, technology, mobile, web hosting, enterprise software, small and medium businesses, internet, services, cloud computing, wireless, telecommunications, data security 2018-07-01
sigfox internet of things, wireless 2018-07-01
skyfiber web hosting, internet, wireless 2018-07-01
skyroam wireless 2018-07-01
slid apps, mobile, information technology, wireless 2018-07-01
sloka_telecom service providers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
snoobe mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
socifi advertising platforms, mobile advertising, wireless, consumer internet, advertising networks 2018-07-01
socowave technology, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
sonos music, hardware + software, iphone, consumer electronics, wireless 2018-07-01
soundwall art, music, wireless 2018-07-01
speedconnect wireless, internet service providers 2018-07-01
spot_on_networks mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
spring_mobile_solutions software, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
sprint_nextel mobile, wireless, telecommunications 2018-12-11
statflo big data, customer service, wireless, business intelligence 2018-07-01
stimulus_technologies mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
stonestreet_one software, technology, mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
swarm_mobile retail, mobile, analytics, shopping, web development, location based services, wireless 2018-07-01
sweetspot_wifi mobile, advertising, sales and marketing, content, wireless 2018-07-01
sychip internet, services, wireless 2018-07-01
synapsense web hosting, clean technology, data centers, sensors, wireless, green 2018-07-01
syntonic service providers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
tagarray mobile, tracking, wireless, rfid 2018-07-01
tanaza software, retail, hospitality, networking, cloud computing, social + mobile + local, wireless, cloud management 2018-07-01
tapit mobile, advertising, mobile analytics, mobile advertising, brand marketing, wireless, telecommunications, nfc, proximity internet 2018-07-01
tarana_wireless mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
crowdx software, mobile, wireless, crowdsourcing 2018-07-01
tecat_performance_systems service providers, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
technocom_corporation wireless 2018-07-01
telecom_transport_management mobile, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
telesocial mobile, public relations, messaging, voip, developer apis, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
telesphere_networks messaging, voip, wireless 2018-07-01
telespree software, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
telibrahma software, mobile, advertising, services, enterprises, wireless, logistics, mobile software tools 2018-07-01
telit_wireless_solutions wireless, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
tikona_digital_networks internet, wireless, internet service providers 2018-07-01
torch internet, design, wireless, families 2018-07-01
torrecom_partners infrastructure, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
tracewave_gmbh tracking, internet of things, semiconductors, wireless, indoor positioning 2018-07-01
trakkies_international social network media, big data analytics, cloud computing, internet of things, location based services, cloud data services, wireless, innovation engineering, social innovation, embedded hardware and software, smart building, radical breakthrough startups 2018-07-01
trampoline networking, advertising, wireless 2018-07-01
trapeze_networks security, wireless 2018-07-01
trellie startups, hardware + software, wireless, hardware, mobile software tools 2018-07-01
tribe_wearables analytics, health and wellness, startups, fitness, wireless, hardware 2018-07-01
trilogy_international_partners mobile, communications hardware, wireless 2018-07-01
turin_networks service providers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
turnstyle_solutions retail, mobile, analytics, marketing automation, brand marketing, wireless, loyalty programs 2018-07-01
tweet_category mobile, analytics, social media, wireless, twitter applications 2018-07-01
u2opia_mobile software, apps, mobile, wireless, facebook applications, twitter applications 2018-07-01
u4ea hardware + software, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
uq_communications mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
validas mobile, wireless, billing 2018-07-01
veniam internet of things, transportation, wireless, communications infrastructure 2018-07-01
vertical_bridge_holdings wireless 2018-07-01
vertical_communications business services, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
vocalzoom audio, sensors, wireless, speech recognition, new technologies, biometrics 2018-07-01
volex health care, consumers, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
voyantic wireless 2018-07-01
walkbase retail, mobile, analytics, advertising, big data, location based services, wireless 2018-07-01
waveconnex technology, semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
weboost mobile, networking, electronics, wireless 2018-07-01
west_health_institute health and wellness, health care, medical, wireless 2018-07-01
whisher mobile, networking, file sharing, wireless 2018-07-01
wicastr_limited mobile, cloud computing, hardware + software, internet of things, wireless, embedded hardware and software 2018-07-01
wifi_runners social commerce, information technology, consulting, retail technology, wireless, business intelligence, it management 2018-07-01
wifibanlv software, service providers, wireless 2018-07-01
wikkit_llc mobile, networking, advertising, ticketing, messaging, events, wireless, social games, qr codes 2018-07-01
wiman mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
wimark_systems saas, mobile, wireless, telecommunications, cloud management 2018-07-01
wireless_fitness apps, fitness, wireless 2018-07-01
wireless_services_corporation networking, internet, wireless 2018-07-01
wirepas wireless 2018-07-01
wise_connect technology, mobile, services, recruiting, wireless, agriculture 2018-07-01
cloud4wi mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
worksnug apps, mobile, iphone, wireless 2018-07-01
xad technology, apps, mobile, search, advertising, local, wireless 2018-07-01
xtreme_installs mobile, wireless 2018-07-01
yadwire_technology advertising, mobile advertising, wireless 2018-07-01
zangi_technologies software, mobile, internet, voip, video streaming, wireless 2018-07-01
zapya file sharing, peer-to-peer, wireless 2018-07-01
zarthcode manufacturing, wireless, product design 2018-07-01
zeevo software, semiconductors, wireless 2018-07-01
zigswitch clean technology, energy efficiency, wireless, clean energy 2018-07-01
ziptel communications hardware, wireless, telecommunications 2018-07-01
zolertia internet of things, communications hardware, wireless, embedded hardware and software 2018-07-01
zovolt_ltd software, mobile, internet, manufacturing, sensors, wireless, hardware 2018-07-01
ztar_mobile mobile commerce, wireless, billing 2018-07-01
zzzzapp_wireless_ltd mobile, advertising, web development, wireless 2018-07-01
rapid_systems wireless 2018-07-01
morcom_international mobile, music, wireless, inc5000 2018-07-01