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zenchef local businesses, restaurants 2018-07-01
9cookies restaurants, point of sale 2018-07-01
abraresto hospitality, restaurants, content discovery, social media platforms 2018-10-07
allset mobile, restaurants, bridging online and offline 2018-10-12
amrest restaurants 2018-10-13
appeatit hospitality, restaurants, local search, online reservations 2018-07-01
appetas saas, local businesses, restaurants, sales and marketing, network security 2018-07-01
appetizr technology, mobile, restaurants 2018-10-13
appydrink apps, restaurants, internet 2018-10-13
arbys_restaurant restaurants 2018-10-13
atlantic_kitchen restaurants 2018-10-13
avuxi restaurants, travel, leisure 2018-10-14
baedal_minjeok restaurants, location based services, specialty foods 2018-10-14
bar_pass restaurants, mobile commerce, customer service, mobile payments 2018-07-01
bellhop real time, apps, mobile, restaurants 2018-10-15
bentobox restaurants, internet, startups, web cms 2018-10-15
bevbucks analytics, restaurants, data integration, consumer behavior, hotels 2018-10-15
biryani_blues restaurants 2018-10-16
bitehunter real time, search, restaurants 2018-07-01
bizimply saas, restaurants, enterprise software, online scheduling 2018-07-01
blue_fin_japanese_restaurant hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
blurtbox hospitality, restaurants, hotels 2018-07-01
boloco restaurants 2018-07-01
bookalokal hospitality, restaurants, travel, collaborative consumption 2018-07-01
boorah hospitality, restaurants, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
bringme restaurants, local, e-commerce platforms 2018-07-01
bueno_foods restaurants, food processing 2018-07-01
burger_singh restaurants 2018-07-01
buzztable mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
bvsb retail, hospitality, restaurants, food processing 2018-07-01
candy_club restaurants 2018-07-01
caribou_coffee_company hospitality, restaurants, food processing 2018-07-01
chaayos restaurants 2018-07-01
chanticleer_holdings restaurants 2018-07-01
chefs_basket restaurants 2018-07-01
chefsfeed technology, media, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
chefsclub restaurants, internet, discounts 2018-07-01
chicken_out_rotisserie restaurants 2018-07-01
chicken_salad_chick restaurants 2018-07-01
chilango restaurants, services 2018-07-01
吃神马_chishenma mobile, restaurants, specialty foods 2018-07-01
chope_group hospitality, technology, restaurants, consumers 2018-07-01
cibando hospitality, mobile, restaurants, iphone 2018-07-01
citytherapy restaurants, travel, local, hotels 2018-07-01
clean restaurants, clean technology, hotels 2018-07-01
clean_plates mobile, health and wellness, restaurants, news, iphone, email, email newsletters, organic, sustainability 2018-07-01
clearkarma saas, restaurants, health care 2018-07-01
clickdelivery hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
clubkviar hospitality, restaurants, online reservations 2018-07-01
cuisinelinks curated web, restaurants, reviews and recommendations, recipes, local coupons 2018-07-01
culinary_agents hospitality, technology, restaurants, human resources, recruiting 2018-07-01
cupoint software, e-commerce, restaurants, sales and marketing, shopping, coupons, reviews and recommendations, algorithms 2018-07-01
curbsy hospitality, mobile, e-commerce, restaurants, sales and marketing, mobile commerce, ios, android, iphone 2018-07-01
dealentra curated web, restaurants, mobile commerce, social commerce, mobile coupons 2018-07-01
orderswift hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants, social media 2018-07-01
diana hospitality, apps, mobile, restaurants, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
dig_inn restaurants, customer service, specialty foods 2018-07-01
diggers_bbq_franchises restaurants 2018-07-01
din restaurants 2018-07-01
dine_market hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
dinegasm hospitality, curated web, networking, restaurants, social media, web presence management 2018-07-01
dineintime software, technology, restaurants, sms 2018-07-01
dinemob internet marketing, restaurants, internet 2018-07-01
diningcircle software, restaurants, customer service, online reservations 2018-07-01
dinndinn hospitality, apps, restaurants, ios, startups, photography, android, local, location based services, guides 2018-07-01
dishfm hospitality, mobile, restaurants, local search, location based services, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
dishco restaurants 2018-07-01
dishcrawl hospitality, restaurants, social media, events, consumer internet 2018-07-01
domino_street mobile, curated web, art, restaurants, events, local, local based services, nightlife 2018-07-01
dropkaffe restaurants 2018-07-01
dyner restaurants, mobile commerce, customer service 2018-07-01
e_la_carte restaurants, tablets, hardware + software 2018-07-01
easy_pairings hospitality, technology, curated web, networking, marketplaces, restaurants, human resources, recruiting, employment 2018-07-01
easyvino hospitality, apps, mobile, restaurants, wine and spirits, local, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
eat restaurants, service providers, online reservations 2018-07-01
eat_kid_friendly restaurants 2018-07-01
eat_local hospitality, restaurants, loyalty programs, incentives 2018-07-01
eatlo restaurants 2018-07-01
eatongoin restaurants, food processing 2018-07-01
eatstreet hospitality, restaurants, delivery, local services 2018-07-01
elmenus hospitality, mobile, restaurants, ediscovery 2018-07-01
ethorcom e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
eureka_restaurant_group restaurants 2018-07-01
eventsorbet saas, restaurants, events, weddings, online reservations, career planning, meeting software 2018-07-01
everplaces mobile, curated web, restaurants, social media, travel, maps, local, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
every8d apps, restaurants, taxis, governments 2018-07-01
ezcater hospitality, curated web, restaurants, startups, office space 2018-09-19
eztable restaurants 2018-07-01
farm_hill restaurants 2018-07-01
farmeto retail, restaurants, infrastructure, farming 2018-07-01
favor apps, mobile, marketplaces, restaurants, android, iphone, location based services, colleges, bridging online and offline, logistics company 2018-07-01
feast_express_ltd e-commerce, restaurants, e-commerce platforms, online reservations 2018-07-01
flowify_limited software, hospitality, restaurants, enterprise software 2018-07-01
fluc_-_food_lovers_united_co mobile, marketplaces, local businesses, restaurants, small and medium businesses, collaborative consumption, local, crowdsourcing, logistics, bridging online and offline 2018-07-01
flypay apps, restaurants, customer service 2018-07-01
food_niche hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
food_talk_india real time, restaurants, social media 2018-07-01
foodem hospitality, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
foodfan hospitality, networking, restaurants, social media, delivery, online reservations, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
foodit hospitality, restaurants, hotels 2018-07-01
foodlo restaurants, specialty foods, food processing, organic food 2018-07-01
foodport restaurants, delivery, consumer goods 2018-07-01
foodqueue restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
foodtoeat hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
foody hospitality, e-commerce, search, restaurants 2018-07-01
foodyncom e-commerce, restaurants, cooking 2018-07-01
fooji hospitality, mobile, e-commerce, restaurants, delivery, internet, local, location based services 2018-07-01
forkforce hospitality, social network media, restaurants, startups, employment 2018-07-01
forks hospitality, apps, restaurants, location based services, coupons 2018-07-01
forkyoo e-commerce, restaurants, cooking 2018-07-01
freeppie social network media, restaurants, travel, tourism, hotels 2018-07-01
freshtemp restaurants, shipping 2018-07-01
fritter hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
pieshell technology, restaurants, financial services, crowdfunding 2018-07-01
gdine hospitality, restaurants, internet, online reservations 2018-07-01
gekko hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants, travel, leisure, hotels 2018-07-01
getlunchincom e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
getquik hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
go_dish hospitality, restaurants, mobile commerce 2018-07-01
golden_gate_jsc restaurants, services, consumer goods 2018-07-01
goodybag hospitality, mobile, restaurants, internet, consumers, local, network security, loyalty programs, crm, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
gotable restaurants, reviews and recommendations, nightlife 2018-07-01
wowtables restaurants, internet, online reservations 2018-07-01
grab restaurants, delivery, enterprises 2018-12-06
grub_club hospitality, curated web, restaurants, internet, travel, peer-to-peer, collaborative consumption 2018-07-01
grubhub hospitality, restaurants, delivery, business services 2018-07-01
grubster hospitality, restaurants, online reservations 2018-07-01
guidesmob mobile, restaurants, information services 2018-07-01
guusto apps, search, restaurants 2018-07-01
happy_bits_company distribution, restaurants, consumer goods, food processing 2018-07-01
happytables_ltd technology, restaurants, developer apis 2018-07-01
harri hospitality, technology, restaurants, recruiting 2018-07-01
hb_home_bistro restaurants 2018-07-01
homegrown_partners restaurants 2018-07-01
housebites hospitality, restaurants, social media 2018-07-01
how_do_you_roll? restaurants 2018-07-01
hungrybuddiescom restaurants, delivery, services 2018-07-01
huy_vietnam restaurants 2018-07-01
hyperactive_technologies software, hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
ifood restaurants, delivery, mobile commerce 2018-07-01
bluecart hospitality, mobile, e-commerce, restaurants, mobile commerce, wholesale 2018-07-01
intouch_network apps, mobile, e-commerce, restaurants, coffee, electronics, ios, music, iphone, guides 2018-07-01
indiewalls hospitality, technology, e-commerce, art, restaurants, local, consulting, hotels 2018-07-01
indulge_beverages restaurants, lifestyle, specialty foods 2018-07-01
inspiral restaurants 2018-07-01
luka restaurants, travel, lifestyle 2018-07-01
ivilka software, restaurants, sales and marketing 2018-07-01
jacks_family_restaurants restaurants 2018-07-01
kanari restaurants 2018-07-01
karmakey apps, mobile, analytics, restaurants, advertising, android, iphone, loyalty programs 2018-07-01
kazzit restaurants, wine and spirits, communities 2018-07-01
keynoir e-commerce, restaurants, internet, privacy, hotels, spas 2018-07-01
kitchit marketplaces, restaurants 2018-07-01
kitchfix e-commerce, restaurants, food processing, logistics 2018-07-01
kooldiner social network media, restaurants, social media, events, meeting software 2018-07-01
leaf retail, apps, curated web, analytics, e-commerce, restaurants, social media, finance, fintech, point of sale, reviews and recommendations, offline businesses 2018-07-01
cake_corporation retail, restaurants, enterprise software, point of sale, mobile payments 2018-07-01
letsgofordinner hospitality, restaurants, sales and marketing, promotional 2018-07-01
lieferheld hospitality, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
lightspeed_pos software, retail, restaurants, mobile analytics, point of sale, retail technology, mobile payments 2018-07-01
line0 e-commerce, restaurants, food processing 2018-07-01
live_on_the_go curated web, restaurants 2018-07-01
livelenz saas, software, real time, restaurants, predictive analytics, consumer electronics, human resources, employment, gamification, incentives 2018-07-01
local_id software, retail, restaurants, enterprise software, big data, task management, local, retail technology, crm, local advertising 2018-07-01
localeats hospitality, restaurants, travel, local, reviews and recommendations, guides 2018-07-01
localtable e-commerce, marketplaces, restaurants, wine and spirits, employment, temporary staffing 2018-07-01
locu curated web, restaurants, advertising, social media, personalization, local search, content, databases, local, developer apis, reviews and recommendations, trusted networks 2018-07-01
lunchgate restaurants, online reservations 2018-07-01
magictab restaurants 2018-07-01
matchbook hospitality, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
meal_ticket saas, software, mobile, restaurants, finance, business intelligence 2018-07-01
mealhi5 restaurants, enterprise software, internet, services, online shopping 2018-07-01
medine mobile, restaurants, consumers 2018-07-01
mekanio hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
mekanist apps, search, restaurants, internet 2018-07-01
melba marketplaces, restaurants, nightclubs 2018-07-01
menuspring hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
menuvox saas, e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
menyooo marketplaces, restaurants, specialty foods 2018-07-01
milmenuscom mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
mindshare_technologies retail, hospitality, beauty, restaurants, enterprise software, finance, travel, fintech, automotive 2018-07-01
mise restaurants, payments, b2b, cloud data services 2018-07-01
mobikon_asia restaurants, mobile commerce, marketing automation, crm 2018-07-01
mondecafes entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, local, guides, theatre, nightclubs, nightlife 2018-07-01
morsel restaurants, consumers, food processing 2018-07-01
munch_ado restaurants, local search, location based services 2018-07-01
mypizzacom e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
mytable_restaurant_reservations hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
myunifood e-commerce, restaurants, service providers, university students 2018-07-01
myworldwall media, restaurants, social media, music, fashion, contests, mobile advertising, seo, weddings, travel & tourism, all students, advertising networks, entertainment industry 2018-07-01
ness_computing apps, search, restaurants, iphone, app stores 2018-07-01
night_out hospitality, apps, restaurants, ticketing, content discovery, events, nightclubs, nightlife 2018-07-01
nommery social network media, restaurants, social media, social travel, bridging online and offline 2018-07-01
nommunity health and wellness, restaurants, news, fitness, organic 2018-07-01
o_entregador hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
offerum e-commerce, restaurants, hotels 2018-07-01
olo technology, e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
onfan e-commerce, search, restaurants, guides 2018-07-01
opentabs apps, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
orderbird_ag software, hospitality, restaurants, payments, point of sale, mobile payments, nfc 2018-07-01
orderup technology, e-commerce, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
outseeker apps, search, restaurants 2018-07-01
partender saas, hospitality, mobile, restaurants, finance, accounting, nightclubs, nightlife 2018-07-01
parts_town restaurants, supply chain management, food processing, logistics, distributors, cooking 2018-07-01
peach software, apps, restaurants, delivery, fashion, insurance, financial services, location based services, online auctions 2018-07-01
pearl apps, search, restaurants 2018-07-01
pick-eat restaurants, delivery, internet 2018-07-01
picturemenu restaurants, tablets, android 2018-07-01
pimmr application platforms, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
plate_iq restaurants, small and medium businesses, b2b, business intelligence 2018-07-01
platterpix restaurants 2018-07-01
pomme_de_terra restaurants, price comparison 2018-07-01
pommtree restaurants, video, travel, location based services, hotels 2018-07-01
porter_&_sail hospitality, mobile, analytics, restaurants, travel, content, online travel, brand marketing, b2b, travel & tourism, mobile software tools, hotels 2018-07-01
posto7 apps, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
potbelly_sandwich_works hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
powercard software, mobile, restaurants, loyalty programs, incentives 2018-07-01
preo hospitality, mobile, restaurants, social media, point of sale, brand marketing, mobile payments 2018-07-01
preoday apps, restaurants, mobile payments 2018-07-01
punch_bowl_social hospitality, restaurants, specialty foods 2018-07-01
qbic restaurants 2018-07-01
qikserve hospitality, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
qraved hospitality, restaurants, social commerce, consumers 2018-07-01
quitchen hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
resermap software, restaurants, internet 2018-07-01
reserve technology, restaurants, mobile payments, online reservations 2018-07-01
reserveout curated web, restaurants, recreation, online reservations 2018-07-01
resmio hospitality, restaurants, business services, big data, marketing automation, local, crm, online reservations 2018-07-01
restalo hospitality, restaurants, internet 2018-07-01
restaro apps, restaurants, web tools, discounts 2018-07-01
restaurantcom retail, restaurants, online shopping 2018-07-01
restaurant_technologies restaurants, training, oil 2018-07-01
restopolitan real time, e-commerce, restaurants, internet 2018-07-01
resy_network apps, restaurants 2018-07-01
rhomania restaurants, ipad, wine and spirits 2018-07-01
roll_mafia restaurants 2018-07-01
rooffy_inc real estate, restaurants, social commerce, internet, travel, online shopping, online travel, shared services, trading, travel & tourism, online rental, realtors 2018-07-01
saambaa saas, entertainment, mobile, restaurants, social media, music, interest graph, ticketing, events, location based services, mobile coupons 2018-07-01
sarbari software, restaurants 2018-07-01
say2me restaurants, events, hotels, surveys, franchises 2018-07-01
seamless hospitality, mobile, e-commerce, restaurants, delivery, internet, local, location based services 2018-07-01
secret_recipe hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
select entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, travel, discounts 2018-07-01
sepsensor restaurants, sensors, wireless 2018-07-01
servy hospitality, restaurants, customer service 2018-07-01
settle mobile, restaurants, finance, financial services, mobile payments, bridging online and offline 2018-07-01
sevenrooms hospitality, restaurants, nightlife 2018-07-01
sevenlunches mobile, restaurants, advertising, sales and marketing, social media, sms, messaging, email, twitter applications 2018-07-01
shawarmanji restaurants, services, consumer goods 2018-07-01
shellcatch retail, restaurants, distributors 2018-07-01
siftit restaurants 2018-07-01
simi hospitality, restaurants, hotels, spas 2018-07-01
simmr apps, restaurants, internet 2018-07-01
simpleorder hospitality, restaurants, business services, supply chain management, b2b, retail technology, procurement 2018-07-01
sindelantal hospitality, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
sindelantalmx hospitality, search, restaurants, internet, discounts 2018-07-01
singleplatform hospitality, curated web, restaurants, social media, content, web development, reviews and recommendations, web presence management 2018-09-14
skipola hospitality, apps, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
smartline software, technology, restaurants 2018-07-01
smartmenucard hospitality, restaurants, coffee 2018-07-01
snap_kitchen restaurants, consumer goods, handmade 2018-07-01
snapfinger restaurants, enterprise software, mobile devices 2018-07-01
snaplion restaurants, development platforms, loyalty programs, nightclubs 2018-07-01
snappy_chow mobile, e-commerce, marketplaces, local businesses, restaurants, logistics, farmers market, groceries 2018-07-01
socialsignin retail, hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
socii restaurants, local 2018-07-01
cake_technologies hospitality, apps, restaurants, mobile payments, billing 2018-07-01
spoonfed entertainment, hospitality, mobile, search, restaurants, social media, services, events, local, logistics, career planning 2018-07-01
spoonity analytics, restaurants, advertising, marketing automation, loyalty programs, mobile payments, incentives, nfc 2018-07-01
stir_crazy restaurants 2018-07-01
storific software, hospitality, mobile, search, restaurants, iphone, payments, p2p money transfer, facebook applications 2018-07-01
storyous social network media, mobile, search, restaurants, payments 2018-07-01
subway restaurants 2018-07-01
tabber mobile, restaurants, payments, point of sale 2018-07-01
tableapp restaurants 2018-07-01
tablefinder search, restaurants, startups, artificial intelligence, online reservations 2018-07-01
tablegrabber e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
take_eat_easy restaurants 2018-07-01
tandoorired_gourmet_chicken_restaurant hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
tangoo hospitality, restaurants, entertainment industry 2018-07-01
tapfood apps, restaurants, retail technology, cloud management 2018-07-01
tapviva software, hospitality, mobile, restaurants, ios, android 2018-07-01
tasting_collective restaurants, communities, events 2018-07-01
tava_indian_kitchen restaurants 2018-07-01
teburu saas, software, restaurants 2018-07-01
turnstar software, restaurants 2018-07-01
the_charnwood_pub restaurants, lifestyle, nightclubs 2018-07-01
the_gluten_free_gourmet retail, restaurants 2018-07-01
the_infatuation apps, mobile, restaurants 2018-07-01
the_outlaw_bar_and_grill restaurants, leisure 2018-07-01
the_restaurant_zone saas, e-commerce, restaurants, advertising, classifieds 2018-07-01
the_rushmore_group restaurants, customer service 2018-07-01
time_to_cater hospitality, e-commerce, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
tip_network hospitality, restaurants, payments 2018-07-01
toast software, apps, mobile, analytics, restaurants, services, point of sale, p2p money transfer 2018-07-01
toreta_inc software, restaurants, online reservations 2018-07-01
touchpo_android_pos retail, apps, restaurants, android 2018-07-01
tour_desk restaurants, tourism, hotels 2018-07-01
townwizard saas, apps, mobile, restaurants, advertising, internet, events, local, local based services, subscription businesses, web cms, guides 2018-07-01
treatful restaurants, social commerce, location based services, gift registries 2018-07-01
trekurious curated web, restaurants, delivery 2018-07-01
tripadvisor restaurants, travel, online travel, hotels 2018-07-01
truckily software, apps, restaurants, location based services 2018-07-01
tudor_ice_company restaurants, manufacturing, startups 2018-07-01
twizoo mobile, restaurants, reviews and recommendations, twitter applications 2018-07-01
u-hop restaurants, travel, transportation, p2p money transfer, hotels 2018-07-01
usit saas, software, mobile, restaurants, sms, crm 2018-07-01
ufodelivery restaurants, mobile commerce, predictive analytics, big data, marketing automation, transportation, supply chain management, machine learning, content delivery, logistics, b2b express delivery 2018-07-01
uncover mobile, restaurants, mobile commerce, lifestyle 2018-07-01
urbandig_inc mobile, art, restaurants, maps, blogging platforms, travel & tourism, adventure travel 2018-07-01
uvore mobile, restaurants, wine and spirits 2018-07-01
vendsy_inc hospitality, mobile, restaurants, social media, point of sale, loyalty programs, mobile payments 2018-07-01
venga mobile, restaurants, loyalty programs, business intelligence 2018-07-01
jobon retail, hospitality, search, restaurants, video, consulting, human resources, employment 2018-07-01
vinogustocom curated web, restaurants, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
vmob retail, hospitality, mobile, restaurants, advertising, social media, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, transportation, promotional, loyalty programs, facebook applications, hotels 2018-07-01
voodoo_pit_bbq_-_smokehouse_&_lounge hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
wable_systems mobile, restaurants, social media, hardware + software, hotels 2018-07-01
walkinto restaurants 2018-07-01
well_done hospitality, mobile, restaurants, mobile commerce, tablets, point of sale, cloud data services, mobile payments, it management, nightclubs 2018-07-01
weorder_ltd software, hospitality, apps, mobile, restaurants, delivery, mobile commerce, mobile payments 2018-07-01
what’s_on_foodie hospitality, restaurants, social media, news, events, classifieds, journalism 2018-07-01
peachworks restaurants, enterprise software, collaboration, knowledge management 2018-07-01
white_castle retail, restaurants, specialty foods 2018-07-01
wild_trail restaurants 2018-07-01
wolt apps, restaurants, payments 2018-07-01
wriggle hospitality, restaurants 2018-07-01
wynd retail, e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
yestap restaurants, mobile commerce 2018-07-01
yipit curated web, restaurants, sales and marketing, shopping, reviews and recommendations, algorithms 2018-07-01
yogiyo_-_rgp_korea hospitality, restaurants, delivery, business services 2018-07-01
yogurt_lab entertainment, restaurants, consumer goods 2018-07-01
yorder mobile, e-commerce, restaurants, ios, sports, android, facebook applications 2018-07-01
ypx_cayman_holdings restaurants 2018-07-01
yumdots mobile, restaurants, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
yumit restaurants, social media, file sharing 2018-07-01
zavedeniacom hospitality, restaurants, advertising, internet 2018-07-01
zeppery restaurants 2018-07-01
zerocater hospitality, restaurants, small and medium businesses, internet 2018-07-01
zipscene mobile, restaurants, advertising, sales and marketing, social media, internet, tablets 2018-07-01
zomato hospitality, restaurants, local search, content discovery 2018-07-01
zuldi mobile, restaurants, ipad, startups, payments, ipod touch, nightclubs 2018-07-01
zuppler e-commerce, restaurants 2018-07-01
zurvu restaurants, internet, online reservations 2018-07-01
zvents entertainment, curated web, restaurants, social media, music, ticketing, kids, events, concerts, nightlife 2018-07-01