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121nexus software, technology, health diagnostics, medical devices, personalization, pharmaceuticals, politics 2018-10-12
adtelligence e-commerce, personalization, customer service, machine learning, optimization, reviews and recommendations 2018-10-12
altergeo technology, social network media, apps, mobile, advertising, social media, personalization, local search, services, android, iphone, mobile advertising, discounts, navigation, information technology, location based services, wireless, reviews and recommendations, private social networking, local advertising, windows phone 7, gps, indoor positioning 2018-10-12
amadesa software, analytics, personalization, optimization, testing, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
anews_inc social network media, social media, personalization, news, digital media, blogging platforms 2018-10-13
apus_group apps, personalization, service providers, utilities 2018-07-01
artisan_mobile software, apps, mobile, analytics, ios, personalization, marketing automation, android, optimization, crm 2018-07-01
attune enterprise software, personalization, paas 2018-10-14
aupeo! mobile, music, audio, personalization, cars, hardware + software, automotive, video streaming, hardware 2018-07-01
bee-line_express personalization, service providers, transportation, wholesale 2018-10-15
birdhouse_for_autism health and wellness, personalization 2018-07-01
bobble_app software, apps, mobile, personalization 2018-07-01
bond saas, e-commerce, mobile commerce, personalization, marketing automation, direct marketing, professional services 2018-07-01
boomtrain software, mobile, personalization, email marketing 2018-07-01
boxever software, personalization, big data analytics, travel, startups 2018-07-01
brainsins saas, software, e-commerce, personalization, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
brandyourself curated web, search, social media, personalization, internet, brand marketing, human resources, entrepreneur, seo, employment, reputation 2018-07-01
brayola marketplaces, personalization, fashion, consumer internet, crowdsourcing, lingerie 2018-07-01
brightinfo real time, advertising, personalization 2018-07-01
cahootsy_limited curated web, e-commerce, social commerce, personalization, online shopping, big data, discounts, collaborative consumption, social media marketing 2018-07-01
camaloon technology, e-commerce, personalization, printing, artists globally 2018-07-01
capsulefm technology, apps, mobile, music, audio, personalization, internet 2018-07-01
cascaad_circleme social media, personalization, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
certona saas, software, real time, personalization 2018-07-01
chalkcom education, personalization, k-12 education 2018-12-02
class6ix_inc personalization, video, news, journalism 2018-07-01
cloakroom e-commerce, personalization, fashion, mens specific 2018-07-01
cobrain curated web, personalization, online shopping 2018-07-01
cognilyze personalization, artificial intelligence, e-commerce platforms 2018-07-01
cognitive_match advertising, personalization 2018-07-01
coinkeeper personalization, finance 2018-07-01
commerce_sciences e-commerce, advertising, personalization 2018-07-01
conceptio mobile, personalization, content discovery, machine learning 2018-07-01
coveroo mobile, personalization, consumers, hardware + software, consumer electronics 2018-07-01
crickets_circle e-commerce, personalization, content, gift registries 2018-07-01
cubbying social media, personalization, big data, sns, hardware, privacy 2018-07-01
dezainscom personalization, internet, gift exchange 2018-07-01
dluxdays marketplaces, personalization, fashion, travel, web tools, discounts 2018-07-01
dreamface_interactive saas, software, mobile, personalization, services, cloud computing, tablets, big data, web development, visualization, paas, portals, data integration, interface design 2018-07-01
dynamic_yield saas, advertising, personalization, cloud computing, marketing automation, optimization 2018-07-01
edietscom health and wellness, personalization, fitness, nutrition 2018-07-01
engreet curated web, personalization, printing, gift card 2018-07-01
evergage saas, software, analytics, personalization, crm 2018-07-01
exabre software, personalization, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
exaclyme analytics, personalization, reviews and recommendations, social opinion platform 2018-07-01
exaget mobile, personalization, internet radio market, advertising networks 2018-07-01
express_in_music media, advertising, sales and marketing, music, personalization, brand marketing 2018-07-01
filmaster games, personalization, predictive analytics, social television 2018-07-01
fishtree_inc education, edtech, personalization, internet, artificial intelligence, collaboration 2018-07-01
fluidinfo search, enterprise software, personalization, cloud computing, databases, information technology 2018-07-01
garlik software, media, personalization, internet, finance, fintech, identity, fraud detection 2018-07-01
gateway_3d e-commerce, personalization, business services, design, 3d, mass customization 2018-07-01
360pi software, personalization, shopping, web development, artificial intelligence, retail technology, semantic web 2018-07-01
genieo_innovation personalization, internet, web design, news, ad targeting, crm, privacy 2018-07-01
genterpret health and wellness, personalization, medical, data integration 2018-07-01
get_smart_content software, personalization, ad targeting, optimization 2018-07-01
gravity advertising, personalization, interest graph 2018-07-01
gravity_r&d e-commerce, advertising, personalization, big data analytics, ad targeting, machine learning, reviews and recommendations, data mining 2018-07-01
greetz e-commerce, personalization, gift card, flowers 2018-07-01
heystaks analytics, e-commerce, search, advertising, personalization, big data analytics, ad targeting 2018-07-01
hoppit search, personalization, machine learning, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
ibloks entertainment, media, personalization, internet 2018-07-01
iken_solutions_pvt_ltd software, personalization, artificial intelligence, content discovery, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
inhousecooks personalization, internet, cooking 2018-07-01
intent_hq software, analytics, personalization, interest graph 2018-07-01
inveni curated web, personalization 2018-07-01
jellyvision saas, software, internet marketing, personalization 2018-07-01
jinni personalization, video on demand, ad targeting, semantic search 2018-07-01
kaizen_platform analytics, advertising, sales and marketing, personalization, startups, optimization 2018-07-01
knelf personalization, internet, gamification 2018-07-01
knewton education, edtech, personalization, machine learning, colleges, k-12 education 2018-12-03
koaladeal e-commerce, personalization 2018-07-01
koalametrics mobile commerce, personalization, mobile analytics, mobile advertising 2018-07-01
koollearning education, analytics, music, personalization 2018-12-03
kraftwurx e-commerce, personalization, diy, 3d, 3d printing, mass customization 2018-07-01
latto mobile, enterprise software, personalization, video, tablets, video on demand, television, video streaming, computers 2018-07-01
lifestyle_design_co_ltd e-commerce, personalization, fashion, mass customization 2018-07-01
likehack_by_welkermedia curated web, analytics, social media, personalization, content, news 2018-07-01
likewhere personalization, travel, big data, consumers, online travel, local, in-flight entertainment, guides 2018-07-01
limespot_solutions_inc e-commerce, personalization, machine learning 2018-07-01
linc_global saas, retail, e-commerce, personalization, big data, information technology, machine learning 2018-07-01
liquid software, personalization, mobile analytics 2018-07-01
locu curated web, restaurants, advertising, social media, personalization, local search, content, databases, local, developer apis, reviews and recommendations, trusted networks 2018-07-01
love_&_robots technology, personalization, design, 3d printing 2018-07-01
magnify360 advertising, personalization, ad targeting, optimization, crm, lead generation 2018-07-01
manifest mobile, e-commerce, advertising, social media, personalization, facebook applications, product search 2018-07-01
maxymiser analytics, internet marketing, sales and marketing, enterprise software, personalization, optimization 2018-07-01
metamed analytics, health and wellness, health care, personalization, big data analytics, medical, doctors 2018-07-01
mybeautycompare e-commerce, beauty, social media, personalization, price comparison 2018-07-01
mybuys media, mobile, advertising, social media, personalization, email, reviews and recommendations, displays 2018-07-01
myhomepage_ltd security, software, personalization, web design, web tools, browser extensions 2018-07-01
myvu_corporation personalization, content, news, hardware + software 2018-07-01
nara_logics personalization, big data, artificial intelligence, paas, reviews and recommendations, neuroscience 2018-07-01
nemo_tv e-commerce, personalization, video on demand, television, big data, video streaming, internet tv 2018-07-01
newsblur personalization, ipad, news 2018-07-01
nosto e-commerce, internet marketing, personalization, marketing automation, seo, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
offerial hospitality, analytics, e-commerce, personalization, travel, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, online reservations, hotels 2018-07-01
olset software, personalization, travel, big data, online travel 2018-07-01
optimizely bounties, software, internet marketing, personalization, ad targeting 2018-10-09
paperwoven mobile, personalization, messaging, crowdsourcing, high tech 2018-07-01
party_over_here personalization, kids, events 2018-07-01
passo e-commerce, personalization, privacy, identity management, data security 2018-07-01
personal_blackbox technology, personalization, databases, data security 2018-07-01
personal_style_finder personalization, fashion, women, lifestyle products 2018-07-01
asterisk software, media, advertising, personalization, content, semantic web, ediscovery 2018-07-01
personera education, technology, social media, edtech, personalization, publishing, startups, lifestyle, news, events, printing, facebook applications, private social networking 2018-07-01
pingstamp software, personalization, internet, discounts 2018-07-01
pipefish curated web, e-commerce, social media, personalization, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
plista mobile, advertising, personalization, content, monetization, ad targeting, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
plug_apps apps, personalization, internet, databases 2018-07-01
printioru personalization, fashion, information technology, printing 2018-07-01
tapomat e-commerce, personalization 2018-07-01
pryv software, apps, health care information technology, personalization, tracking, internet of things, privacy, quantified self 2018-07-01
qloo saas, curated web, personalization 2018-07-01
quettra personalization, mobile analytics, mobile advertising 2018-07-01
rabt mobile, personalization, video, big data 2018-07-01
rank_dynamics search, personalization, browser extensions 2018-07-01
rayneer music, personalization, television, social television 2018-07-01
real_time_content advertising, sales and marketing, personalization, internet, video, creative 2018-07-01
relcy apps, mobile commerce, personalization 2018-07-01
resolution_health_inc health care, personalization, insurance 2018-07-01
rightside personalization, business services, internet 2018-07-01
ripplrr_inc advertising, sales and marketing, personalization, interest graph 2018-07-01
sagent saas, analytics, personalization, big data analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning 2018-07-01
sailthru analytics, e-commerce, public relations, personalization, big data, ad targeting, email, email marketing 2018-09-14
scentbird e-commerce, beauty, personalization, women, subscription businesses 2018-07-01
sense360 personalization, mobile devices, sensors 2018-07-01
sépage technology, internet marketing, personalization, online travel, semantic web 2018-07-01
sessionm personalization, marketing automation, loyalty programs, consumer behavior, mobile enterprise 2018-07-01
setmeup social media, personalization, crowdsourcing 2018-07-01
sezion saas, apps, e-commerce, advertising, personalization, video, b2b, developer apis, paas, online video advertising 2018-07-01
shoefitr software, technology, e-commerce, personalization, fashion 2018-07-01
simplerelevance software, e-commerce, personalization, finance, fintech, email, email marketing 2018-07-01
sitespect personalization, optimization, testing 2018-07-01
smartassistant saas, software, retail, mobile, analytics, e-commerce, enterprise software, personalization, online shopping, developer tools 2018-07-01
sohalo software, retail, e-commerce, sales and marketing, social media, enterprise software, personalization, marketing automation, crm, incentives, social crm 2018-07-01
son_of_a_tailor e-commerce, personalization, fashion 2018-07-01
sparkow software, e-commerce, search, personalization, navigation 2018-07-01
spectra_health health and wellness, health care, health care information technology, personalization, information services, communications infrastructure, software compliance 2018-07-01
spectralmind search, music, personalization, startups, user experience design, ediscovery 2018-07-01
strands software, e-commerce, personalization, fintech, artificial intelligence, personal finance, reviews and recommendations, banking 2018-07-01
strap apps, personalization, wearables, marketing automation, data integration 2018-07-01
sundaysky software, personalization, video, digital media, advertising platforms 2018-07-01
superfly analytics, search, personalization, travel, big data, consumers 2018-07-01
superplayer music, personalization, music services 2018-07-01
szl curated web, personalization, financial services, artificial intelligence, content discovery, machine learning, intellectual asset management, reviews and recommendations, brokers 2018-07-01
tank_top_tv entertainment, curated web, personalization, video on demand, television, machine learning, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
the_echo_nest search, music, personalization, developer apis, reviews and recommendations, ediscovery 2018-07-01
the_filter personalization, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
rivet mobile, social commerce, personalization, social media marketing 2018-07-01
topicmarks education, curated web, personalization, knowledge management, natural language processing 2018-07-01
trackif curated web, personalization, retail technology, consumer internet, email marketing, price comparison 2018-07-01
trapit curated web, personalization, marketing automation, content discovery, social media marketing, enterprise 2.0 2018-07-01
traveltriangle e-commerce, personalization, travel, travel & tourism, local based services 2018-07-01
treering education, social media, edtech, personalization, all students, high schools 2018-07-01
true_fit e-commerce, personalization, online shopping, big data, brand marketing, retail technology 2018-07-01
unata retail, mobile, analytics, personalization, loyalty programs 2018-07-01
vain_pursuits retail, e-commerce, health and wellness, beauty, cosmetics, personalization, big data 2018-07-01
veeda curated web, personalization, content, semantic web 2018-07-01
videostir personalization, video, web tools 2018-07-01
sharedbyco analytics, personalization, monetization, facebook applications, twitter applications 2018-07-01
vpersonalizecom personalization, fashion 2018-07-01
deepvu e-commerce, image recognition, mobile commerce, social commerce, personalization, computer vision, interest graph, predictive analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, e-commerce platforms 2018-07-01
windsor_circle software, retail, analytics, e-commerce, personalization, marketing automation, direct marketing, information technology, email marketing 2018-09-14
wishexpress social media, personalization, lifestyle, social media platforms, online education, bridging online and offline, families, gift registries 2018-07-01
witget analytics, e-commerce, internet marketing, search, advertising, sales and marketing, personalization, content, big data, web tools 2018-07-01
traitify software, personalization, developer apis, career management, personal data 2018-07-01
yaphie education, personalization 2018-07-01
yones personalization, publishing, news, machine learning, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
yummly hospitality, mobile, health and wellness, mobile commerce, ios, personalization, fitness, android, content discovery, developer apis, semantic search, recipes, ediscovery, groceries, cooking 2018-07-01
ziftr personalization, online shopping, comparison shopping 2018-07-01
zipongo apps, mobile, health and wellness, health care, personalization, human resources, employment 2018-07-01
zoogaad personalization, news, artificial intelligence 2018-07-01