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ampidea curated web, finance, fintech, parenting, babies 2018-07-01
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athlete_builder education, mobile, sports, internet, video, parenting 2018-12-02
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babble media, news, parenting 2018-07-01
baby_bundle apps, health care, parenting 2018-10-14
babycenter curated web, health and wellness, parenting 2018-07-01
babyjunk_inc e-commerce, women, parenting 2018-10-14
baobab_planet entertainment, games, mmo games, parenting, web development, virtual worlds, kids 2018-07-01
belly_ballot social media, parenting, babies 2018-10-16
billmyparents e-commerce, parenting, young adults, teenagers 2018-07-01
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binti internet, services, parenting 2018-07-01
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branching_minds education, marketplaces, personal health, parenting, teachers, k-12 education, charter schools, neuroscience, skill assessment 2018-12-02
brightparent mobile, parenting, kids, reviews and recommendations 2018-07-01
broadcastr mobile, social media, audio, content, maps, parenting, android, iphone, consumer electronics, video streaming, location based services, wireless, reviews and recommendations, gps, journalism 2018-07-01
budding_biologist games, video games, parenting 2018-07-01
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caredox health and wellness, parenting 2018-07-01
chatterblock social media, internet, parenting, kids, events 2018-07-01
cheddar_up parenting, payments, consumer internet 2018-07-01
choremonster apps, mobile, curated web, internet, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
circle_of_moms social network media, social media, parenting, sns 2018-07-01
city_bebe online shopping, parenting, baby accessories 2018-07-01
community_ventures health care, services, parenting 2018-07-01
copilot_networks mobile, mobile security, parenting, k-12 education 2018-07-01
dataparenting parenting, crowdsourcing 2018-07-01
doctorfun_entertainment_ltd parenting, kids, game 2018-07-01
doodledeals_inc curated web, e-commerce, parenting 2018-07-01
educationcom education, publishing, parenting 2018-12-02
gingersnap education, apps, art, parenting, messaging, kids, mobile games, senior citizens 2018-12-02
first_opinion software, health and wellness, ios, mobile health, parenting 2018-07-01
frugoton education, mobile, tablets, parenting 2018-07-01
gestvision parenting, diagnostics, mothers 2018-07-01
glued mobile, parenting, families 2018-07-01
gungroo education, apps, ios, ipad, chat, parenting, android, iphone, messaging, kids, educational games, edutainment 2018-12-03
gyanlab analytics, edtech, parenting, k-12 education 2018-07-01
hearticus technology, services, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
highscore_house games, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
honestly_now games, mobile, internet, women, parenting, social games, advice 2018-07-01
hulafrog curated web, internet, consumers, women, parenting, events, local 2018-07-01
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irewardchart mobile, parenting, iphone, kids, graphics, incentives 2018-07-01
jago mobile, social media, parenting 2018-07-01
joognu curated web, parenting, kids, gift card 2018-07-01
juice_in_the_city curated web, parenting 2018-07-01
jumpzter education, edtech, travel, parenting, information technology, kids 2018-12-03
juntines parenting, kids, entertainment industry 2018-07-01
kallikids services, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
kangado mobile, consumers, parenting, private social networking 2018-07-01
keepy mobile, curated web, social media, fintech, photography, parenting, messaging, kids, photo sharing, lifestyle businesses 2018-07-01
kidizen mobile, curated web, marketplaces, parenting, peer-to-peer, collaborative consumption 2018-07-01
kidslink apps, health care, sales and marketing, social media, parenting, cloud data services 2018-07-01
kidstart curated web, parenting, kids, loyalty programs 2018-07-01
kinsights health and wellness, social media, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
kleverkid education, marketplaces, service providers, parenting 2018-07-01
lamabang e-commerce, parenting 2018-07-01
lifescribe curated web, social media, publishing, parenting 2018-07-01
limetree_moments_for_life video, photography, parenting, babies, kids 2018-07-01
mamabear_app apps, mobile, social media, tracking, parenting, iphone, location based services, gps, mobile emergency&health, families 2018-07-01
matific education, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
memorybistro mobile, search, social media, internet, content, parenting, events, hardware, facebook applications 2018-07-01
mobile_melting_gmbh software, entertainment, mobile, audio, parenting, tourism, location based services, guides 2018-07-01
mom-stopcom social network media, curated web, medical, parenting, babies 2018-07-01
momassembly education, e-commerce, parenting 2018-07-01
moments_management_corp publishing, news, maps, photography, parenting, journalism 2018-07-01
mom_junction parenting, kids, mothers 2018-07-01
mommycoach education, parenting 2018-07-01
mompery e-commerce, parenting, babies 2018-07-01
motherknows health and wellness, health care, parenting 2018-07-01
munchkin_fun technology, curated web, parenting 2018-07-01
mychild education, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
nanoogo education, entertainment, curated web, art, social media, file sharing, parenting, collaboration, life sciences, kids, career management, teachers, high schools 2018-07-01
nurserybook parenting, kids, training, high schools 2018-07-01
oink e-commerce, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
pacify health and wellness, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
parent_co software, apps, mobile, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
parenthoods apps, parenting 2018-07-01
parents_r_people social network media, social media, parenting 2018-07-01
playd8 social network media, mobile, networking, parenting, babies, kids, events, online scheduling 2018-07-01
plethora apps, publishing, design, parenting, iphone, textbooks, video streaming 2018-07-01
plumprint parenting, kids, k-12 education 2018-07-01
pocket_explorers education, entertainment, apps, parenting 2018-07-01
pollitoingles online shopping, parenting, baby accessories 2018-07-01
prenetics biotechnology, parenting, babies 2018-07-01
proudontv apps, mobile, social media, parenting, journalism 2018-07-01
quibly curated web, parenting 2018-07-01
reelgenie curated web, video, photography, parenting 2018-07-01
remini education, apps, parenting, teachers, child care 2018-07-01
resilience_for_disaster parenting, consulting 2018-07-01
rethink_autism analytics, beauty, local search, parenting, consulting, training, teachers, social search, social media agent 2018-07-01
savvify technology, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
sheology curated web, women, parenting 2018-07-01
skip_hop e-commerce, parenting, baby accessories 2018-07-01
smile_family social network media, apps, mobile, social media, ios, parenting, android 2018-07-01
socialgrade_inc education, social media, big data, parenting 2018-07-01
solatina mobile, curated web, social media, parenting 2018-07-01
spotivate mobile, curated web, travel, parenting, kids, ediscovery 2018-07-01
stepping_stories saas, parenting, k-12 education 2018-07-01
storybyte mobile, content, parenting, iphone 2018-07-01
storytime_studios mobile, finance, content, parenting, graphics 2018-07-01
studio_whale parenting, kids, baby accessories, baby safety 2018-07-01
sumomi education, parenting, charter schools 2018-07-01
supermama lifestyle, women, parenting 2018-07-01
supportpay saas, legal, apps, finance, parenting, web tools, payments, accounting, banking, families 2018-07-01
sympler music, parenting 2018-07-01
tale_me_stories education, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
tealet e-commerce, video, parenting, subscription businesses, tea 2018-07-01
teamie education, analytics, social media, parenting, systems, collaboration, teachers, all students, colleges, charter schools 2018-07-01
tech_backpack media, social media, content, news, parenting, systems, journalism 2018-07-01
teddy_the_guardian mobile, health care, parenting, hardware + software 2018-07-01
the_babyplus_company_llc health and wellness, wearables, parenting, babies, hardware 2018-07-01
theatrics enterprise software, parenting, collaboration, crowdsourcing 2018-07-01
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tinybeans curated web, video, content, photography, parenting, kids, journalism 2018-07-01
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tweekaboo software, social network media, apps, mobile, cloud computing, parenting, printing 2018-07-01
twigtale education, publishing, parenting, kids 2018-07-01
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vidangel parenting, video streaming, crowdsourcing, digital entertainment, families 2018-07-01
visualmarks parenting 2018-07-01
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wee_web social media, parenting, babies 2018-07-01
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wolfprint_3d parenting, kids, 3d printing 2018-07-01
yeehoo_group parenting, babies, baby accessories 2018-07-01
yellowbrck social media, mobile social, parenting, location based services 2018-07-01
yepzon social + mobile + local, parenting, kids, location based services, pets, child care, baby safety 2018-07-01
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