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alatest software, hardware + software, consumer electronics, reviews and recommendations, semantic web, opinions 2018-07-01
amiritecom social network media, social media, startups, video streaming, opinions, estimation and quoting 2018-10-12
anonymous_you social network media, networking, social media, identity, private social networking, opinions 2018-07-01
appinions software, social media, opinions 2018-07-01
askablogr curated web, blogging platforms, opinions 2018-10-13
band_metrics technology, music, big data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, opinions, reputation 2018-10-14
bigswerve curated web, opinions 2018-07-01
bitext software, advertising, developer apis, semantic search, natural language processing, opinions, text analytics 2018-07-01
buzzni mobile, search, social media, internet, information technology, opinions 2018-07-01
commentcom curated web, reviews and recommendations, opinions 2018-07-01
crowdfanatic curated web, social media, opinions 2018-07-01
crowdsling curated web, blogging platforms, opinions, tech field support 2018-07-01
disqus curated web, venture capital, blogging platforms, opinions, forums 2018-07-01
dtime curated web, consulting, crowdsourcing, advice, opinions 2018-07-01
enkia software, social media, artificial intelligence, opinions 2018-07-01
fastnote blogging platforms, messaging, identity, opinions, microblogging 2018-07-01
geograffiti mobile, messaging, reviews and recommendations, gps, opinions 2018-07-01
gremln software, sales and marketing, social media, psychology, facebook applications, twitter applications, opinions 2018-07-01
infotrie_financial_solutions analytics, big data, opinions 2018-07-01
intensedebate curated web, finance, fintech, blogging platforms, opinions, reputation 2018-07-01
itog_inc social network media, networking, web hosting, reviews and recommendations, opinions 2018-07-01
lymbix analytics, opinions 2018-07-01
maistorplus real estate, reviews and recommendations, opinions, infrastructure builders, home renovation 2018-07-01
mic_network media, analytics, news, journalism, opinions 2018-07-01
muut software, real time, social media, content, blogging platforms, opinions, forums 2018-07-01
natsent curated web, social media, politics, business services, internet, polling, opinions 2018-07-01
numberfire sports, big data, opinions 2018-07-01
thumb mobile, advice, law enforcement, polling, surveys, opinions 2018-07-01
opinionsh advertising, sales and marketing, internet, direct marketing, opinions 2018-07-01
origoby public relations, social media, reviews and recommendations, opinions, microblogging 2018-07-01
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primeloop analytics, social media, news, tracking, opinions 2018-07-01
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ratingbug software, curated web, web tools, reviews and recommendations, opinions 2018-07-01
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semantria software, small and medium businesses, developer apis, natural language processing, data mining, opinions, text analytics 2018-07-01
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sostupidcom entertainment, games, chat, opinions 2018-07-01
state social media, startups, open source, opinions 2019-01-24
sumo_insight_ltd mobile, video, market research, consumers, opinions 2018-07-01
thinkr mobile, social media, photo sharing, opinions 2018-07-01
tiinkk mobile, social media, market research, opinions 2018-07-01
tumblr curated web, blogging platforms, opinions 2018-09-13
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