Name Tags Updated
accela saas, software, government innovation, governments 2018-10-12
advanced_image_enhancement technology, services, governments 2018-10-07
ai_media education, social media, broadcasting, governments 2018-12-02
alion_science_and_technology information technology, engineering firms, governments, defense 2018-10-12
angry_citizen saas, small and medium businesses, governments 2018-10-13
apersona enterprise software, governments, banking 2018-12-18
avtal24 legal, service providers, governments 2018-10-14
buildingeye technology, real estate, internet, big data, governments, construction 2018-07-01
captus_networks enterprises, internet service providers, governments 2018-07-01
citizen_spaces governments, forums 2018-07-01
citizinvestor politics, crowdfunding, governments 2018-07-01
clearpath_immigration legal, governments 2018-07-01
comat_technologies health and insurance, governments 2018-07-01
covia_labs software, local businesses, governments 2018-07-01
davo_technologies small and medium businesses, financial services, governments, franchises 2018-07-01
democracyos software, governments, governance 2018-07-01
devonway enterprise software, energy, governments, construction, utilities 2018-07-01
every8d apps, restaurants, taxis, governments 2018-07-01
fedbid e-commerce, marketplaces, finance, fintech, governments, commodities, procurement 2018-07-01
fiscalnote legal, enterprise software, predictive analytics, enterprises, data visualization, governments 2018-07-01
future_gov technology, design, governments 2018-07-01
georgia_community_health governments 2018-07-01
helinet medical, aerospace, governments 2018-07-01
histowiz universities, governments, veterinary 2018-12-31
ingenius_engineering governments 2018-07-01
initiate_systems hospitality, games, health care, enterprise software, services, insurance, governments, banking 2018-07-01
kratos_technology saas, services, cloud computing, government innovation, governments 2018-07-01
livestories analytics, big data, collaboration, data visualization, government innovation, governments, data mining 2018-07-01
logistics_health local businesses, healthcare services, governments 2018-07-01
mayday_pac governments 2018-07-01
msa_security security, training, governments 2018-10-25
neighborly software, finance, fintech, governments 2018-07-01
north_by_south software, web design, content, mobile social, web tools, open source, governments, linux 2018-07-01
numerex technology, mobile, business services, m2m, enterprises, b2b, governments 2018-07-01
synoptos_inc public relations, social media, politics, visualization, governments 2018-07-01
one_click_politics politics, internet, startups, messaging, governments 2018-07-01
one_feather saas, apps, social media, electronics, governments 2018-07-01
opengov saas, analytics, enterprise software, data visualization, governments 2018-07-01
opi analytics, big data, governments 2018-07-01
peopleadmin education, software, governments 2018-07-01
placeavotecom technology, governments, governance 2018-07-01
prodagio_software software, governments 2018-07-01
prx_control_solutions software, health and wellness, finance, insurance, consulting, governments, fraud detection 2018-07-01
resgrid saas, politics, cloud computing, logistics, communications infrastructure, governments, first aid 2018-07-01
snohomish_county_pud governments 2018-07-01
sunlight_foundation politics, nonprofits, governments 2018-07-01
tadaweb software, curated web, governments 2018-07-01
thap! health care, services, governments 2018-07-01
the_diplomat_group transportation, logistics, governments 2018-07-01
the_spirit_project software, internet, governments, high tech 2018-07-01
trendpo analytics, politics, governments 2018-07-01
us_environmental_protection_agency environmental innovation, green, governments 2018-07-01
verdeva software, e-commerce, payments, internet of things, transportation, green, governments 2018-07-01
whistlecouk politics, charity, governments, polling 2018-07-01
wynyard_group analytics, financial services, governments, law enforcement 2018-07-01
yopolis social commerce, communities, governments 2018-07-01
zignal_labs real time, public relations, sports, big data analytics, predictive analytics, financial services, big data, business intelligence, governments, social media monitoring 2018-07-01