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10six batteries, electronics, energy 2018-09-22
3_four_5_group energy, energy efficiency, solar 2018-09-22
abb technology, energy, clean technology, automotive 2018-07-01
absolicon_solar_concentrator energy, clean technology, oil 2018-10-07
acb_india_limited energy, mining technologies 2018-10-12
agile_wind_power energy 2018-10-12
agileswitch energy, energy efficiency, energy management 2018-10-12
alphabet_energy energy, clean technology 2018-10-12
alpheon-energie energy 2018-10-12
altarock_energy energy, clean technology, natural resources 2018-10-12
ambri_inc energy, clean technology, fuels 2018-10-12
american_gas_&_technology energy, clean technology, renewable energies 2018-10-12
aml_superconductivity_and_magnetics software, technology, energy, medical devices, manufacturing, aerospace 2018-10-12
ampard energy, electrical distribution, energy management 2018-10-13
ampt technology, energy, innovation management 2018-10-12
ampy technology, energy 2018-10-12
angaza energy, design, social entrepreneurship 2018-10-12
antaco energy, innovation engineering, biofuels 2018-10-13
antech_ltd energy, oil, gas 2018-10-13
apr_energy energy, clean energy, electrical distribution, industrial energy efficiency, rural energy 2018-07-01
arava_power energy, clean technology 2018-10-13
arborwind energy, natural resources, industrial 2018-10-13
arcadia_power energy, clean energy, consumer internet, renewable energies 2018-10-13
arcalux energy 2018-10-13
arevs software, real estate, energy 2018-10-13
archervision_media_group energy, sports, digital media, brand marketing, video streaming, content creators, broadcasting, social news 2018-10-13
autogrid analytics, energy, services, big data 2018-07-01
aventine_renewable_energy_holdings energy, oil 2018-07-01
axègaz energy 2018-07-01
azure_power energy, clean technology, renewable energies 2018-10-14
bathurst_resources_limited energy, energy management 2018-10-15
battlecat_oil_&_gas energy, oil & gas, oil 2018-10-14
bio2chp energy 2018-07-01
biolite technology, energy, outdoors, emerging markets 2018-07-01
biz_supplies energy 2018-07-01
black_rhino_group energy, infrastructure, investment management 2018-07-01
black_rock_tidal_power energy 2018-07-01
bloo_solar electronics, energy, design, solar 2018-07-01
blue_freedom technology, energy, water 2018-07-01
blue_sphere energy, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
bmr_energy energy, energy efficiency, energy management, utilities 2018-07-01
bowman_power energy, clean technology 2018-07-01
brammo batteries, energy, clean technology, automotive 2018-07-01
bright_power energy, solar, energy management 2018-07-01
brightergy enterprise software, energy, energy efficiency, energy management, energy it 2018-07-01
brightsource_energy energy, clean technology, solar 2018-07-01
c_and_a_energy_services energy 2018-07-01
c12_energy energy, energy storage, oil & gas 2018-07-01
calera energy, clean technology, recycling 2018-07-01
capacity_energy_storage energy, environmental innovation, energy management 2018-07-01
cape_wind energy, clean technology, environmental innovation, renewable energies, wind 2018-07-01
capturesolar_energy energy, solar, environmental innovation, renewable energies 2018-07-01
carnot_compression energy, clean technology, oil & gas 2018-07-01
cavitronix™ energy 2018-07-01
chai_energy energy, internet of things, energy efficiency, energy management 2018-07-01
chargespot energy, hardware + software 2018-07-01
check24 energy, internet, finance, travel, insurance, telecommunications 2018-07-01
choose_energy marketplaces, energy, services, clean technology, utilities 2018-07-01
chunk_moto energy, clean technology, automotive 2018-07-01
ciris_energy energy, clean technology, chemicals 2018-07-01
clearedge_power energy, clean technology, renewable energies 2018-07-01
cloudmeter software, real time, analytics, enterprise software, energy, big data 2018-07-01
comsys_ab electronics, energy, smart grid 2018-07-01
corpower_ocean energy, renewable energies 2018-07-01
dalradian_resources energy, natural resources, gold 2018-07-01
dataflyte energy, aerospace, utilities 2018-07-01
davra_networks software, application platforms, energy, manufacturing, internet of things, transportation, oil & gas, utilities 2018-07-01
day4_energy energy, solar, renewable energies 2018-07-01
delta_energy_&_communications_llc analytics, energy, services, utilities 2018-07-01
desert_industrial_x-ray energy, testing, oil and gas 2018-07-01
devonway enterprise software, energy, governments, construction, utilities 2018-07-01
dexawave technology, energy 2018-07-01
differential_dynamics technology, energy, engineering firms 2018-07-01
digital_h2o software, analytics, enterprise software, energy, big data analytics, oil & gas, water 2018-07-01
dynamic_energy energy 2018-07-01
dynapump energy, manufacturing, oil, gas 2018-07-01
eagle_crest_energy energy, electrical distribution, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
eagle_energy_exploration energy, natural resources, oil 2018-07-01
echogen_power_systems energy 2018-07-01
ecoisme energy, energy management, smart building 2018-07-01
ecorp energy 2018-07-01
ecosave energy, energy efficiency, storage 2018-07-01
ecozen_solutions energy, clean technology, agriculture, social entrepreneurship 2018-07-01
einsight_ng_ltd retail, technology, energy, innovation management 2018-07-01
electricite_du_laos electronics, energy, energy management 2018-07-01
electro_power_systems electronics, energy, manufacturing, storage 2018-07-01
elo_sistemas_eletrônicos energy, service providers, manufacturing, electrical distribution 2018-07-01
empire_diversified_energy energy, clean technology, renewable energies, biomass power generation 2018-07-01
enact_systems saas, energy, cloud computing 2018-07-01
enefgy energy, clean technology, consumer electronics, clean energy 2018-07-01
enefpro energy, oil, oil and gas 2018-07-01
energia energy, environmental innovation, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
energryn energy, clean technology 2018-07-01
energy_cool energy 2018-07-01
energy_curb energy, internet of things, energy efficiency, home automation, energy management 2018-07-01
energy_excelerator energy, startups, clean technology, entrepreneur 2018-07-01
energy_storage_systems energy 2018-07-01
enovix energy, energy storage, renewable energies 2018-07-01
ensol energy, manufacturing, environmental innovation 2018-07-01
enwake technology, energy, optimization 2018-07-01
esperotia_energy_investments energy, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
ethical_electric energy, clean technology, clean energy, renewable energies 2018-07-01
exajoule technology, energy, hardware + software, clean energy 2018-07-01
fairchild_industrial_products_company energy, manufacturing, hardware, oil, wholesale 2018-07-01
fanergies energy, manufacturing, waste management 2018-07-01
fastnet_oil_and_gas energy, financial services, industrial automation, oil and gas 2018-07-01
revamp_technologies energy, clean technology, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
firefly_led_lighting energy, finance, hardware + software, energy efficiency, semiconductors, clean energy, lighting 2018-07-01
first_light_fusion universities, energy, simulation 2018-12-31
first_wind energy, clean technology, renewable energies 2018-07-01
fischer_block energy, renewable energies 2018-07-01
flair energy, energy storage, energy management 2018-07-01
flett_exchange_llc energy, solar, renewable energies 2018-07-01
flexgen_power_systems energy 2018-07-01
focal_point_energy energy, manufacturing, solar 2018-07-01
foro_energy energy, oil, natural gas uses 2018-07-01
fourdeg energy 2018-07-01
freedom_fuels energy, oil, oil and gas, biofuels 2018-07-01
fuelogistics energy 2018-07-01
futurepump energy 2018-07-01
gen110 energy, clean technology, solar, clean energy, green, utilities 2018-07-01
general_fusion energy, renewable energies, energy management 2018-07-01
gev_global energy 2018-07-01
glukos energy 2018-07-01
gogoro energy 2018-07-01
gosolar_africa energy, solar, clean energy 2018-07-01
gravity_powerplants energy 2018-07-01
gravity_renewables energy, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
greasebook software, real time, energy, oil 2018-07-01
greenfire_energy energy, clean energy 2018-07-01
greensmith_energy_management_systems energy 2018-07-01
group_phoebe_ingenica energy, innovation engineering, construction 2018-07-01
h2o_degree energy, water, utilities 2018-07-01
heatgenie energy, food processing, assisitive technology 2018-07-01
hectoplant energy 2018-07-01
hii_technologies energy, services, energy management 2018-07-01
hnng energy 2018-07-01
hybrid_energy_solutions energy, manufacturing, clean technology 2018-07-01
hydrostor energy, clean technology 2018-07-01
hyporex_technologies energy 2018-07-01
ideal_power energy, clean technology 2018-07-01
identified_technologies energy, oil & gas, construction, unmanned air systems 2018-07-01
illumitex energy, hardware + software, energy efficiency, agriculture, architecture 2018-07-01
imperative_energy energy, clean technology, energy management 2018-07-01
imprint_energy energy, energy efficiency, material science, energy management 2018-07-01
inmatech technology, energy, innovation engineering 2018-07-01
insight_energy energy, oil, utilities 2018-07-01
inspire_energy energy, clean technology, residential solar, energy efficiency, clean energy, consumer internet, renewable energies 2018-07-01
international_thermodyne energy, oil 2018-07-01
ionix_advanced_technologies technology, energy, sensors 2018-07-01
ipsum_energy analytics, energy, big data 2018-07-01
iterate_studio retail, media, e-commerce, energy, consumer goods, manufacturing, transportation, government innovation 2018-07-01
ithaca_energy energy 2018-07-01
itineris software, enterprise software, energy, clean energy, crm, smart grid, utilities, energy it, business information systems 2018-07-01
kineticor energy, service providers, energy efficiency 2018-07-01
kiwigrid analytics, energy, manufacturing, utilities 2018-07-01
kosmos_energy_ltd energy 2018-07-01
laredo_energy energy, oil, gas 2018-07-01
leaf_solar_power energy, solar, greentech 2018-07-01
light_up_africa energy, services, entrepreneur 2018-07-01
lilliputian_systems mobile, energy, hardware + software 2018-07-01
logos_energy energy, carbon, fuel cells 2018-07-01
love_energy_savings energy, utilities, price comparison, gas 2018-07-01
lucid_energy_group energy, service providers, clean technology, environmental innovation, innovation engineering, oil & gas 2018-07-01
lupatech energy, oil & gas, sustainability 2018-07-01
m2e_power energy 2018-07-01
mad_croc energy, consumer goods, fitness 2018-07-01
magna_energy energy, services, oil and gas 2018-07-01
magneto-inertial_fusion_technologies energy, innovation engineering, alternative medicine 2018-07-01
globalview_software energy, commodities 2018-07-01
masar energy 2018-07-01
melior_innovations software, technology, energy, oil and gas, innovation management, simulation 2018-07-01
meteo-logic energy, big data, machine learning, trading, algorithms, commodities 2018-07-01
meteo_protect energy, finance, risk management 2018-07-01
meterhero software, energy, water 2018-07-01
microfabrica energy, hardware + software, hardware 2018-07-01
mineralist marketplaces, energy, natural resources, oil 2018-07-01
mistras_group energy, energy management 2018-07-01
moblize saas, energy 2018-07-01
molecule_software enterprise software, energy, finance 2018-07-01
monechelle e-commerce, marketplaces, energy, internet, diy, home & garden, plumbers 2018-07-01
mxenergy energy, gas, natural gas uses 2018-07-01
plugger batteries, energy, ios, social + mobile + local, android 2018-07-01
navitas_midstream_partners energy, natural resources, oil & gas 2018-07-01
necova energy 2018-07-01
nemo_power_tools_limited energy, manufacturing, design 2018-07-01
neos_geosolutions energy, predictive analytics, natural resources, 3d technology, oil 2018-07-01
newco2fuels energy, oil 2018-07-01
nippon_renewable_energy energy, clean technology, solar, renewable energies 2018-07-01
nse_industry energy 2018-07-01
nwp_services_corporation energy, services, utilities 2018-07-01
oberon_fuels energy, oil & gas, fuels 2018-07-01
ocean_power_technologies energy, clean technology 2018-07-01
odec energy, electrical distribution, utilities 2018-07-01
ofacs_llc energy, finance, consulting 2018-07-01
one_earth_designs energy, clean technology, social entrepreneurship 2018-07-01
oneshore_energy_gmbh energy, systems, solar 2018-07-01
optech4d energy 2018-07-01
ornicept software, energy, infrastructure, environmental innovation 2018-07-01
oryxe_energy_international energy 2018-07-01
oscomp_systems technology, energy, natural resources, oil, gas 2018-07-01
oxand energy 2018-07-01
oz_sonotek energy, development platforms, medical 2018-07-01
parity_energy marketplaces, electronics, energy 2018-07-01
park_energy_services energy, storage, energy management 2018-07-01
phillips_&_temro_industries energy, design, industrial 2018-07-01
pingthings energy, big data analytics, predictive analytics, internet of things, sensors, machine learning, smart grid, energy management, utilities, energy it 2018-07-01
pinnacle_midstream energy, oil and gas 2018-07-01
power_africa energy 2018-07-01
power_analytics_corporation software, enterprise software, energy 2018-07-01
power-one energy, clean energy 2018-07-01
power2switch energy, internet, startups, clean technology, clean energy, portals, price comparison 2018-07-01
powerit_solutions energy, clean technology, industrial energy efficiency 2018-07-01
powerlase_photonics energy, manufacturing, industrial, innovation management, lasers 2018-07-01
powin_energy_corporation energy 2018-07-01
proserv_group technology, energy, utilities 2018-07-01
prti energy 2018-07-01
pump_engineering energy, services, innovation engineering 2018-07-01
pure_energy_group energy, clean technology, waste management 2018-07-01
pure_technologies technology, energy, infrastructure, engineering firms, utilities 2018-07-01
pyrowave energy 2018-07-01
q2power energy 2018-07-01
qivivo energy, clean technology, renewable energies 2018-07-01
redt energy, clean technology, energy storage 2018-07-01
refined_energy energy 2018-07-01
regency_gas_services_llc energy, services, oil & gas 2018-07-01
rhythm_superfoods energy, clean technology, new product development 2018-07-01
rigup software, energy 2018-07-01
riverrock_energy energy, oil & gas, energy management 2018-07-01
basetrace biotechnology, energy, clean energy, oil and gas 2018-07-01
seaowl energy, oil and gas, defense 2018-07-01
semgroup_corporation energy, oil 2018-07-01
semtive energy 2018-07-01
sensortran electronics, energy, manufacturing 2018-07-01
sensus_energy electronics, energy, engineering firms 2018-07-01
seplat_petroleum_development_company energy, oil & gas, oil 2018-07-01
servato_corp software, batteries, energy 2018-07-01
seven_energy distribution, energy, oil & gas 2018-07-01
shizen_energy_inc energy, utilities, wind 2018-07-01
sighten energy, services, solar 2018-07-01
signum_instruments energy, service providers, environmental innovation, oil & gas 2018-07-01
siva_cycle energy, hardware + software, consumer electronics, renewable energies 2018-07-01
smart_load_solutions energy 2018-07-01
smartb energy, energy efficiency, energy management 2018-07-01
smarter_grid_solutions energy, electrical distribution, renewable energies, smart grid 2018-07-01
smit_ovens energy, chemicals, commercial solar 2018-07-01
snap_infusion energy, consumer goods, dietary supplements 2018-07-01
solandeo energy, services, solar 2018-07-01
solariphy energy, solar, environmental innovation 2018-07-01
solarity_energía energy, clean energy, electrical distribution 2018-07-01
spero_energy energy, chemicals, fuels 2018-07-01
starboard_resources energy 2018-07-01
startupbootcamp_hightechxl health care, energy, medical devices, startups, internet of things, 3d printing, robotics, incubators, hardware, electric vehicles, advanced materials, high tech 2018-07-01
stwa energy, energy efficiency, oil 2018-07-01
suncommon energy 2018-07-01
sunterrace energy, solar, industrial 2018-07-01
superior_solar_design energy, design, solar 2018-07-01
swiftmile_inc energy, solar, electric vehicles 2018-07-01
targeted_growth biotechnology, energy, agriculture 2018-07-01
temicom software, energy 2018-07-01
tenaska energy 2018-07-01
terviva energy 2018-07-01
topaz_energy_and_marine energy, oil, engineering firms 2018-07-01
trinity_energy_group energy, oil, gas 2018-07-01
trumarx_data_partners_inc software, energy, oil 2018-07-01
upenergy energy, clean technology, social entrepreneurship 2018-07-01
upower energy 2018-07-01
urjas energy, renewable energies, utilities 2018-07-01
utilidata software, energy, energy efficiency, smart grid, utilities 2018-07-01
utility_management_solutions_ums energy, water, gas 2018-07-01
vcharge energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, energy management 2018-07-01
velo_labs energy, clean technology, hardware + software, internet of things, transportation, collaborative consumption, hardware 2018-07-01
verdant_power energy 2018-07-01
vialogy energy, services, oil 2018-07-01
vionx_energy batteries, energy, storage, optimization 2018-07-01
viridom energy 2018-07-01
vngco energy, oil 2018-07-01
voltserver energy, manufacturing, electrical distribution 2018-07-01
water_planet energy, oil 2018-07-01
wellogix energy, business services, oil, professional services 2018-07-01
whitefence mobile, curated web, energy, internet, television 2018-07-01
wind_energy_solutions energy, energy management, utilities 2018-07-01
winder batteries, energy, residential solar, energy efficiency, solar, clean energy, green, electrical distribution, renewable energies, renewable tech, commercial solar, energy it, wind, greentech 2018-07-01
wrightspeed energy, clean technology, transportation, fleet management 2018-07-01
wunder apps, marketplaces, mobile commerce, mobility, energy, fintech, solar, transportation, crowdfunding, finance technology, public transportation, commercial solar, emerging markets, ride sharing 2018-07-01
xtreme_power energy, clean technology 2018-07-01
yan_engines energy, transportation, automotive 2018-07-01
yeloha energy, solar, renewable energies 2018-07-01
ygrene_energy_fund energy, clean energy 2018-07-01
zenatix energy 2018-07-01
zia_beverage_co energy 2018-07-01
zilift energy, oil, heavy industry 2018-07-01
zolair_energy energy, energy efficiency, renewable energies, rural energy, energy it 2018-07-01