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21_inc technology, big data, bitcoin, hardware + software 2018-09-22
37coins bitcoin 2018-09-22
acacia_trading cloud computing, bitcoin, trading 2018-10-07
airbitz mobile, bitcoin, computers 2018-10-12
align_commerce bitcoin, payments 2018-10-12
alphapoint software, fintech, bitcoin, financial exchanges 2018-10-12
anycoin_direct bitcoin, payments, virtual currency 2018-10-13
archventures_sa real estate, fintech, bitcoin, 3d printing, crowdfunding, construction, architecture, cryptocurrency 2018-10-13
ascribe art, internet, startups, big data, bitcoin, machine learning, intellectual property, early-stage technology 2018-10-13
b1bl3shares_llc bitcoin, virtual currency 2018-10-14
bitaccess finance, fintech, bitcoin, cloud management 2018-07-01
bitbank internet, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
bitcoin_brothers cloud computing, bitcoin, enterprise hardware 2018-07-01
bitcoin_india finance, bitcoin, trading, virtual currency 2018-07-01
bitcoincoid financial services, bitcoin, finance technology, financial exchanges 2018-07-01
btcs e-commerce, bitcoin 2018-07-01
bitexla bitcoin 2018-07-01
bitflyer e-commerce, bitcoin, crowdfunding 2018-07-01
bitfury_group bitcoin, data centers, semiconductors, hardware 2018-07-01
bitgo security, financial services, bitcoin 2018-07-01
bitlendingclub fintech, financial services, bitcoin, peer-to-peer, consumer lending 2018-10-16
bitnet_technologies e-commerce, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
bitoex e-commerce, finance, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
bitpagos finance, bitcoin, payments, mobile payments 2018-10-16
bitpay finance, bitcoin 2018-07-01
bitpesa bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
bitready bitcoin, credit cards, credit 2018-07-01
bitspark finance, fintech, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
bitstamp bitcoin 2018-10-17
bitt bitcoin, finance technology, virtual currency 2018-07-01
gem security, software, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01
bitwage software, enterprise software, financial services, bitcoin 2018-07-01
blockchain finance, fintech, bitcoin, finance technology, banking 2018-12-17
blockcypher bitcoin, cloud infrastructure 2018-07-01
blockstream bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
blocktrail services, big data analytics, bitcoin, information technology 2018-07-01
bonafide bitcoin 2018-07-01
augur mobile, advertising, business services, internet, predictive analytics, market research, bitcoin, developer apis, cyber security, prediction markets 2018-10-14
bsave services, finance, bitcoin 2018-07-01
btcsx finance, financial services, bitcoin, payments, trading, banking 2018-12-20
btc_trip bitcoin 2018-07-01
btcc finance, fintech, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
btcexpress bitcoin 2018-07-01
btcjam finance, bitcoin, consumer lending 2018-07-01
btcxindia bitcoin, trading, financial exchanges, cryptocurrency 2018-07-01
buttercoin software, bitcoin 2018-07-01
case software, bitcoin, virtual currency, cryptocurrency 2018-07-01
chain development platforms, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01
circle security, health care, hospitals, services, finance, fintech, medical, financial services, bitcoin, personal finance, finance technology, banking 2018-12-19
clipperz security, bitcoin, privacy, data security, cryptocurrency, data privacy 2018-10-25
coinco technology, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
coinspace financial services, bitcoin, payments, mobile payments 2018-07-01
coinalytics_co big data, bitcoin 2018-07-01
coinarch finance, bitcoin, finance technology, trading, early-stage technology 2018-07-01
coinbase e-commerce, bitcoin, personal finance 2018-07-01
coinbatch security, fintech, financial services, bitcoin, p2p money transfer, financial exchanges, virtual currency 2018-10-25
coinding sports, video games, bitcoin, social games 2018-10-17
coinfloor finance, bitcoin, data security 2018-07-01
coinify e-commerce, finance, bitcoin, payments, mobile payments, cryptocurrency 2018-07-01
koinify internet, financial services, bitcoin, crowdfunding 2018-07-01
coinigy bitcoin, trading 2018-07-01
coinjar fintech, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01
coinkite security, finance, development platforms, bitcoin, point of sale, developer apis, hardware, p2p money transfer, virtual currency, enterprise hardware 2018-07-01
orb bitcoin, payments, mobile payments, p2p money transfer 2018-07-01
coinpayments e-commerce, online shopping, bitcoin 2018-07-01
coinplug finance, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01
coinsph fintech, bitcoin 2018-07-01
coinseed finance, bitcoin, investment management 2018-07-01
coinsnap_bv bitcoin 2018-07-01
coinzone bitcoin, payments, mobile payments 2018-07-01
coloraderdam® retail, consumers, bitcoin, medical professionals 2018-07-01
colu fintech, bitcoin, developer apis, network security, finance technology 2018-07-01
coyno bitcoin, accounting, finance technology 2018-07-01
cryptmint bitcoin, qr codes 2018-07-01
cryptosigma internet, bitcoin, p2p money transfer 2018-07-01
peerpal marketplaces, fintech, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01
devign_lab internet, bitcoin, customer service, payments 2018-07-01
digibyte bitcoin, payments, communities 2018-07-01
digital_currency_group venture capital, financial services, bitcoin 2018-07-01
digitalbtc bitcoin 2018-07-01
serica bitcoin, investment management, commodities 2018-07-01
dogetipbot internet, service providers, finance, bitcoin, payments, mobile payments 2018-07-01
dtco software, e-commerce, bitcoin 2018-07-01
bitstash bitcoin 2018-07-01
elliptic finance, bitcoin, virtual currency 2018-07-01
eplug bitcoin, internet of things, network security, information security, data security 2018-07-01
gainbit bitcoin 2018-07-01
gatecoin finance, financial services, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
getgems apps, social commerce, bitcoin, messaging, mobile payments, virtual currency 2018-07-01
glidera bitcoin 2018-07-01
gliph security, networking, bitcoin, messaging, privacy, data security 2018-07-01
gocoin bitcoin, mobile payments 2018-07-01
gogocoin bitcoin 2018-07-01
hashrabbit bitcoin 2018-07-01
hedgy fintech, bitcoin, peer-to-peer, finance technology, trading 2018-07-01
huobi mobile, bitcoin 2018-07-01
itbit finance, fintech, bitcoin 2018-07-01
koibanx bitcoin 2018-07-01
korbit finance, bitcoin 2018-07-01
latincoin bitcoin 2018-07-01
lawnmower apps, fintech, bitcoin, personal finance 2018-07-01
ledger bitcoin, information security 2018-07-01
ledgerx fintech, bitcoin, finance technology, virtual currency 2018-07-01
libratax saas, software, fintech, bitcoin, finance technology, virtual currency 2018-07-01
loanbase fintech, bitcoin 2018-07-01
matrixvision analytics, business services, bitcoin 2018-07-01
megajosh mobile, e-commerce, marketplaces, mobile commerce, social commerce, bitcoin, peer-to-peer, classifieds 2018-07-01
melotic bitcoin 2018-07-01
mercado_bitcoin internet, bitcoin, trading 2018-07-01
mirror finance, fintech, bitcoin 2018-07-01
mobbr_crowd_payments bitcoin, payments, collaboration, human resources, crowdsourcing, banking 2018-07-01
monegraph art, digital media, bitcoin 2018-07-01
monetsu e-commerce, startups, bitcoin, crowdfunding 2018-07-01
moneytis fintech, financial services, bitcoin, p2p money transfer, financial exchanges, virtual currency 2018-07-01
nebeltv mobile, music, video, bitcoin, peer-to-peer 2018-07-01
neurowareio bitcoin, open source 2018-07-01
okcoin e-commerce, finance, fintech, bitcoin, virtual currency 2018-07-01
onename bitcoin, identity 2018-07-01
openbazaar e-commerce, bitcoin, peer-to-peer 2018-07-01
orderbook real time, financial services, bitcoin, trading 2018-07-01
otonomos finance, fintech, bitcoin 2018-07-01
paystand saas, e-commerce, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
kraken_bitcoin_exchange financial services, bitcoin, financial exchanges, cryptocurrency 2018-07-01
filament bitcoin, hardware + software, internet of things, industrial 2018-07-01
purseio marketplaces, bitcoin 2018-07-01
quickcoin bitcoin, mobile payments 2018-07-01
quoine fintech, financial services, bitcoin, cryptocurrency 2018-07-01
ripple e-commerce, fintech, financial services, bitcoin, payments, finance technology, financial exchanges, virtual currency 2018-07-01
robocoin finance, bitcoin, p2p money transfer, banking 2018-07-01
satoshi_citadel_industries e-commerce, finance, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01
satoshipay content, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
senit finance, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
sfox bitcoin 2018-07-01
shapeshiftio fintech, bitcoin, financial exchanges, cryptocurrency 2018-07-01
shift_payments finance, fintech, financial services, bitcoin, personal finance, finance technology 2018-07-01
shinrai bitcoin 2018-07-01
simplex fintech, bitcoin, payments, fraud detection 2018-07-01
snapcard social commerce, bitcoin 2018-07-01
solidx_partners fintech, financial services, bitcoin 2018-07-01
stellar services, finance, fintech, financial services, bitcoin, payments, nonprofits, finance technology 2018-07-01
sunlot bitcoin 2018-07-01
surbtc finance, fintech, financial services, bitcoin, financial exchanges 2018-07-01
swarm financial services, bitcoin, crowdfunding, virtual currency 2018-07-01
tabtrader mobile, bitcoin, android, trading 2018-07-01
techemy_ltd fintech, big data, bitcoin 2018-07-01
tembusu_terminals finance, bitcoin, innovation management 2018-07-01
charity_engine saas, analytics, universities, health diagnostics, internet, cloud computing, big data, bitcoin, paas, data mining 2018-12-31
ticketbase bitcoin, credit cards, ticketing, events 2018-07-01
tradeblock financial services, bitcoin 2018-07-01
tradewave financial services, bitcoin, finance technology, trading 2018-07-01
uniregistry bitcoin, web tools, domains, data security 2018-07-01
uptop real estate, fintech, financial services, bitcoin, real estate investors 2018-07-01
vaultoro bitcoin 2018-07-01
wildcard_payments real time, bitcoin, payments 2018-07-01
wiper music, video, bitcoin, messaging, voip 2018-07-01
world_bx bitcoin, virtual currency 2018-07-01
xapo curated web, bitcoin, personal finance, information security 2018-07-01
zapchain bitcoin, information technology 2018-07-01
zebpay bitcoin, virtual currency 2018-07-01
zenbox software, distribution, fintech, bitcoin, finance technology 2018-07-01