Discover and Monitor Your Attack Surface

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Improve Cyber Hygiene

Intrigue helps security teams identify assets that are no longer used, but still present a risk to the organization through deep visibility of DNS, SaaS services and areas of exposure

Discover Vulnerabilities

Intrigue automatically identifies exposed vulnerabilities in application stacks and their underlying hosts. Vulnerablity information can be easily exported for vulnerablity management teams.

Manage the (previously) Unmanageable

Intrigue can help you identify and track owners for discovered assets, turning previously unknown and unmanaged assets into managed assets.

Track Third Parties

Intrigue uses link analysis technology to identify third party links and relationships, allowing security teams to gain visiblity of third party risk.

Continous Asset Visibility

  • Applications
  • Domains
  • Hosts
  • Javascript Libraries
  • Network Ranges
  • Network Services
  • SSL Certificates

Continuous Vulnerability Visibility

  • Leaked User Accounts
  • Exposed Databases
  • Exposed Network Services
  • Out-of-Date Javascript Libraries
  • In-Depth Application Stacks
  • Application Misconfiguration
  • Exposed Third Parties correlates information from a multitude of open and closed sources to provide intelligence about of attack surface, data exposure, and overall cyber hygiene to internal security teams.

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