Enterprise Attack Surface Management

Intrigue enables IT and Security teams with a complete and always up to date view of cloud and
Internet-exposed assets and exposures, ensuring you stay aware and ahead of the threat.


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Attack Surface Management is Your First Line of Defense

A distributed, cloud-based, software-defined IT environment means an ever-growing, evolving, and complexifying attack surface, subject to an advancing number of sophisticated threats.

Stay Ahead of the Threat

Discover and analyze all your entities. Understand the relationships among all the mapped entities, and mitigate any vulnerabivlities in those assets. The intelligence Intrigue generates also strengthens your overall security profile.

Power Rapid Innovation

Intrigue enables safe adoption of technology that allows you to innovate more quickly - such as public cloud infrastructures, SaaS applications, autonomous microservices, mobile devices, and IoT sensors.

The Intrigue


Ongoing asset visibility across your entire ecosystem


Discovery of asset vulnerability and misconfiguration


Integrations With Data Sources and Technologies


Faster due to workflows and asset fingerprinting


Most extensive view of your assets. Driven by propietary pivoting capabilities and non-linear mapping technology.


Context gained from relationships between the entities. Depth of vulnerability and exposure assessment.


Use of 3rd party data sources and security tools for superior analysis and integration to improve security operations.


Support for the largest, most complex organizations. Built-in change monitoring and alerting for comprehensive visibility.