About Us

The Intrigue.io Platform and Intrigue Core framework are products of Intrigue Corp.

Our mission is to help our customers identify, manage, and monitor modern networks as effectively as possible, without getting in their way. We do this by developing new techniques and software through applied research. We are based in beautiful Austin, Texas.

Jonathan Cran, our founder and CEO, has spent the last 20 years conducting security assessments, building security products, and pushing the status quo through research, with leadership roles at Rapid7, Pwnie Express, Bugcrowd, and Kenna Security. Jonathan founded  Intrigue Corp. to address a long standing need for better asset and vulnerability discovery.

The Intrigue.io platform provides easy and comprehensive external asset and vulnerability discovery without the need to know every SaaS provider and network range you own. Intrigue.io is based on the Intrigue Core engine and was built from the ground up for for modern networks and where most discovery products are unable to function. The Intrigue platform can enumerate hosts, services, applications and cloud providers across your entire organization and subsidiaries, without the need for prior knowledge or handholding.

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