The Intrigue.io Platform and Intrigue Core framework are products of Intrigue Corp.

Our mission is to help our customers identify, manage, and monitor modern networks as effectively as possible, without getting in their way. We do this by developing new techniques and software through applied research. We are based in sunny Austin, Texas.

About Intrigue

Intrigue was developed from the experience of our founder and CEO, Jonathan Cran's need to explore the fundamental and most salient questions about a specific attack surface (corporate network), and what it means to secure it. Intrigue addresses the long-standing need for superior asset and vulnerability discovery mechanisms, foundational for managing assets, and mitigating information security risks.

Intrigue [noun] comes from the Latin verb “intricare,” meaning to entangle, relating to the word “intricate.” Today’s dynamic business environments grow increasingly more complex, and thereby harder to defend.

In its verbal form, Intrigue describes the cause to be interested, or curious. Whether advanced and malicious, or passively poking, adversaries find your network intriguing, and it’s critical to map it before they do.

About Our Founder

Having provided penetration testing and security assessment services for the world’s largest organizations and government agencies, Jonathan’s extensive background includes experience as an executive, consultant, engineer, developer, investor, and researcher.

While working in foundational leadership roles at at Rapid7, Bugcrowd, and Kenna Security, Jonathan, also known as “Jcran” was the driving force behind the success of multiple industry-leading security technologies, standards and frameworks. Jonathan is also the inventor and owner of multiple security assessment patents, and is the originator of the Intrigue Core open source collection engine.

He is a member of a number of technology and security groups, including Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS) Working Group , Cyber Policy Working Group (CFAA) and Austin Hackers (AHA). A frequent speaker at industry conferences, including  Black Hat, RSA, Derbycon, Security BSides and DEFCON, Jonathan has also been quoted, and publicly recognized in numerous publications and is recognized as an information security trailblazer.

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